Artificial Lawyer has been announced as:

 ‘One of the Top 50 Sites for AI On the Planet’ , (March 2017).

Out of 50 sites and blogs covering AI around the world the site was ranked 17th.


 ‘Top 10 Sources for Keeping up with Legal Tech’ by Thomson Reuters, (March 2017).

Advertising and Sponsored Thought Leadership Articles

Artificial Lawyer has just opened its site to advertising and sponsored thought leadership articles.

This site is read by a growing audience of key people in the legal tech world and broader legal market. The readership is global, 1/3 US and Canada; 1/3 UK; and 1/3 EU and Asia-Pacific.

Readers include, CTOs, partners, inhouse lawyers and directors of innovation inside law firms.

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Thank you.

Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer


Artificial Lawyer is a site dedicated to new legal technology.

The main focus is artificial intelligence technologies, but also seeks to cover the following areas:

  • process and task automation
  • smart/intelligent contracts
  • the use of blockchain in a legal context

Artificial Lawyer also seeks to cover the founders, investors and funds that help create or support legal tech start-ups.

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