Artificial Lawyer and its founder are now on sabbatical during 2023, returning in 2024. 

Further info about the sabbatical can be found here.

This site is all about changing the business of law, often through the use of technology, but also through the better deployment of people inside organisations and within new business structures, as well as innovation around process improvement.

At the heart of this is a focus on the economic aspects of the law and the related areas of efficiency in the production of legal work, and the increased insight into the data that is produced by all legal activity and how that insight in turn adds new value to legal work and helps drive efficiency.

Central to the above is technology that helps to address the linked areas of efficiency and data insight, or supports these goals.

Although Artificial Lawyer remains very focused on automation and especially AI tools – as they are essential parts of the legal tech tool kit and among the most powerful tools for change available today – this site’s remit is far wider than that now. 

Artificial Lawyer is interested in supporting those who are driving change in the legal sector and within their organisations, across the trinity of people, process and technology. That is why, for example, this site will write about a new type of legal services delivery model just as readily as it will about a new type of AI tool that lawyers can use.

All of it is useful, all of it is interesting. Why? Because it’s helping to change the business of law.

In terms of the types of technology Artificial Lawyer frequently covers here are a few areas, but anything that contributes to the above goal is of interest:

  • AI doc review – across a wide range of areas, from M&A to property, and from risk assessment of contracts to compliance use cases.
  • Document automation and contracting platforms – which are used to speed up and improve the contracting process, from the development of templates to negotiation and then analysis of data around that process.
  • Smart contracts – where there are viable use cases for the leveraging of self-executing clauses in legal contracts. These contracts may be associated with a blockchain, IoT devices or other technology.
  • Expert Systems and ‘Legal Bots’ – which are rules-based tools that allow a user to interact with an automated system to gain legal information or to be guided through a legal task, such as completing a form.
  • Process Automation and workflow tools – where the system is designed to allow a lawyer to create a legal process digitally and automate its flow. This could be for transactions or other use cases.
  • E-discovery – at least at the more pioneering end of this area, especially where there is crossover into other areas of legal technology.
  • And more…..the world of legal technology is constantly evolving and this site aims to bring you the cutting edge of this sector as and when it begins to emerge.

Artificial Lawyer is for everyone in the legal sector who is supporting, or interested in, or working with this transformative technology, whether:

  • Lawyers in law firms or inhouse roles,
  • Professionals such as CIOs, CTOs, process improvement specialists, data scientists and heads of innovation,
  • Tech companies which are developing and providing transformative legal technology, and all the people who work inside them, from business development experts, to coders, to managers and market strategists,
  • CFOs, CEOs and the shareholders in businesses that regularly use legal services and have an interest in the economic benefits of legal sector change,
  • Individuals and access to justice groups that rely on legal services,
  • Educators and students, whether mainly focused on law or other related subjects,
  • Regulators and government bodies,
  • Investors and market analysts,
  • And, recruiters and HR experts.

Artificial Lawyer is a platform for this global community, providing not just news, but an opportunity to join in the conversation with Guest Posts.

Fundamentally, Artificial Lawyer is there for you, to share knowledge, to provide useful information and to give a voice to those involved in today’s changing legal sector.

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Chosen to be to be part of the ABA Journal’s Web 100 list of leading resources for lawyers for a second year running (2017 and 2018).

Among the Best Technology Blogs 2017, (July 2017)

Selected as one of the Top 25 sources of tech information, and among the Top 5 for AI.

 ‘One of the Top 50 Sites for AI On the Planet’ , (March 2017).

Out of 50 sites and blogs covering AI around the world the site was ranked 17th.


 ‘Top 10 Sources for Keeping up with Legal Tech’ by Thomson Reuters, (March 2017).

And, the site is also recognised by the ABA Journal as one of the:

Web 100: Best law blogs (2017) (see above for recognition in 2018).

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