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Artificial Lawyer is an independent website and does not control the cookie or privacy policies of any companies or other sites it may link to via its stories, AL 100 Directory, AL JOBS, Legal Tech Education Guide, or advertisements or any other part of its operations. Please see the sites of any companies/institutions that are linked to Artificial Lawyer for more information about their policies. Artificial Lawyer has only one affiliated website: (see below).


People can send emails to Artificial Lawyer. Information sent via email in correspondence with Artificial Lawyer may be kept for journalism and business & accounting purposes. 


Artificial Lawyer maintains a free Jobs listing page. Job adverts that are listed are placed there by 3rd parties and must be applied to with the email and/or URL supplied by that 3rd party, e.g. a recruiter.

Artificial Lawyer does not receive or accept CVs or any other type of job application information from job seekers in relation to these 3rd party adverts. AL Jobs’ sole function is to list job adverts for 3rd parties. Information on how 3rd parties handle data and privacy from job applicants that contact them should be looked for on their sites.  


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