The AL TV Library is the home of Artificial Lawyer’s video presentations.

On these pages you will see a variety of things, including:

  • ‘On the Spot’ interviews with members of the legal and legal tech community about a range of important issues.
  • News Analysis interviews with the people at the heart of key events happening in the market.
  • Product Walk Throughs, often with the founders of the company, covering how the product, or a new feature, works. These are normally short, but can be extended into detailed walk throughs.
  • Beginner’s Guides help to illuminate a range of aspects of legal technology.
  • And, (coming soon), Vendor Webinars, where companies explore a subject that matters to them and their clients.

At present the above are divided into two main sections: Interviews, and Product Walk Throughs. (You can also access these via the dropdown menu above.)


I have a great idea for an episode, what do I do?

Awesome. AL TV is open to everyone who has got a story to tell and something important and timely to say. Please get in touch at:

All ideas will be judged on their merit and relevance to the Artificial Lawyer audience around the world.

Where can I watch AL TV episodes?

You can watch them by following the links to each episode in the Interviews and Product Walk Through sections. The episodes can be watched (or listened to) inside each page, which comes with an accompanying write-up and details of what the video covers.

How long are these interviews?

The standard walk throughs are around 5 to 10 minutes, and the interviews can range from 15 minutes to about 25 minutes. There are also longer in-depth and detailed product walk throughs that are possible.

Is AL TV live?

Normally interviews are recorded, edited and then published inside Artificial Lawyer. Sponsored webinars and other special events may be live on request, and then recorded and also published in Artificial Lawyer.

Can my company sponsor AL TV episodes and/or broadcast webinars with AL TV?

Yes, Artificial Lawyer works with companies to broadcast webinars for your audience, including offering webinar chairing and audience promotion. AL TV also provides the chance to do detailed sponsored product walk throughs (see above).