This is a sponsored walk through, with Neota Logic.
This is a sponsored walk through with vLex



This is a specially extended, sponsored walk through with ContractPodAi.




This is a panel-based product walk through / discussion.

AL TV talked to Deepak Sitlani, a partner at Linklaters, and Megan O’Flynn, Assistant General Counsel at ISDA, about Nakhoda’s work, and especially the product this has led to: ISDA Create. 

In the 30 minute video we explore areas such as: 

  • Highly structured contracts and the extraction of key data.
  • Contract negotiation using the platform. 
  • Amending large numbers of complex contracts in a short space of time. 
  • Can we skip the whole NLP doc review thing….? 
  • The use of smart contracts…and more.

In this sponsored AL TV Masterclass a panel of KM experts provides a walk through of how they implemented a firm-wide project using iManage and Foundation Software. The firm was US-based Sidley Austin. (Key themes: KM, data, knowledge graphs. Approx: 45 mins).

TermScout has built a contract rating system that operates like a ‘buyers guide’. The US company uses a mix of tech and human analysis to provide easily accessible insights into contracts and the key provisions in them, with star ratings, comparison charts, and drill-downs into important clauses. These contracts are publicly available ‘click through’ agreements in the software sector covering around 150 companies. (Key themes: contract analysis, contract comparison, software contracts. Length: approx 15 mins.


There’s a growing interest in deal management tools. One of the better-known ones is Legatics, which launched in 2015 and is still motoring along and expanding the platform. Here, in this AL TV Product Walk Through, Chief Commercial Officer, Dan Porus, takes us through the key elements of what Legatics can do. (Key themes: M&A, finance, deal management. Length: 11 mins approx.)