This section of the AL TV Library presents Product Walk Throughs. They are listed in date order, most recent first. Key themes related to the product are shown, as well as the length of the video. All walk throughs are short overviews unless otherwise specified, e.g. an In-Depth and Detailed Product Walk Through.

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Sept 2020

Lexical Labs walk through – (Key themes: contract review, contract negotiation, NLP, ML. Length: 9 mins). Note: this is also contained in the Interview section as part of a longer video.

In-Depth and Detailed Product Walk ThroughMeet Juridoc the New ‘All-in-One’ CLM Platform – (Key themes: CLM, document automation, contract negotiation, workflows, multi-lingual. Length: 21 mins.)

Meet LegalEdison, the New Legal Research Startup – (Key themes: legal research, case summary, case law, student-led innovation, startup. Length: 13 mins.)

Athennian Walk Through – (Key themes: entity management, company secretarial work, platform, cloud. Length: 6 mins. Note: walk through begins around the 13 minute mark.)

Josef Launches ‘Flowchart’ No-Code Automation Feature – (Key themes: no-code, legal automation, UI + UX, graphical interface, intuitive. Length: 8 mins.)

Aug 2020

ROSS Chrome Extension For Legal Research – (Key themes: legal research, case law, Chrome extension, free software, NLP. Length: 9 mins.)

Emotion Analysis System Can Judge Witness Credibility – (Key themes: emotion analysis, facial analysis, AI, machine learning, expert witnesses. Length: 16 mins.)

AL TV Product Walk-Through: Define – (Key themes: drafting tools, automation, NLP. Length: 21 minutes.)

Casetext’s Parallel Search function – (Key themes: legal research, case law, NLP and machine learning. Length: 10 mins. Note: walk through is part of longer article about GPT-3 and related approaches.)