Here is the AL TV Library section for ‘On the Spot’ interviews, news analysis interviews, and Beginner’s Guides. They are listed in date order, most recent first, with the key themes and length.

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Sept 2020

Interview with Richard Mabey, CEO of Juro, about why GCs feel buried in low-value work. (Key themes: GC, inhouse, legal data, process work, productising legal workflows. Length: 21 mins)

Simon Black, former Allen & Overy partner, on becoming the co-founder and CCO of contract review and negotiation platform, Lexical Labs. (Key themes: careers, legal tech after 50, post-law firm careers. Inc. Product Walk Through of Lexical Labs – see also Walk Through page. 11 + 10 mins approx.)

Emily Foges, Lead Partner, Deloitte LMS Interview on the group’s growth plans. (Key Themes: Big Four, market trends, Legal Managed Services, new business models. Length: 21 mins)

Agiloft’s Expansion Plan – News Analysis with CEO, Eric Laughlin. (Key themes: CLM, NLP + ML systems, growth strategy. Length: 19 mins.)

Athennian Bags $8m Funding, Plans Rapid Growth – News analysis interview with CEO, Adrian Camara. Includes a short walk through. (Key themes: funding, legal entity management. Length: 19 mins.)

Beginner’s Guide To UI + UX with Nick Watson of Ruby Datum – (Key themes: UI and UX, how to apply this to legal tech. Length: 15 mins.)

SALI: Building Common Standards For Legal Services – interview with Kelly Harbour. (Key themes: standards, fixed fees, data analysis, taxonomies, KM. Length: 16 mins.)

Aug 2020

Litera’s Avaneesh Marwaha on Consolidation, Their Next Acquisition + Hg (Themes: merger, consolidation, private equity in legal tech, platforms. Length: 23 mins.)

iManage/Closing Folders Deal – ‘Our Greatest Competitor is the Status Quo’ – News analysis interview with Gordon Cassie. (Themes: merger, deal platforms, growth, market trends. Length: 15 mins.)

Why Is A DMS Like A Record Shop?’ – iManage RAVN GM, Nick Thomson – interview looking at NLP and KM. (Themes: NLP, ML, KM, legal data, taxonomies, search. Length: 9 mins.)

Brian Kuhn, Elevate on ‘AI, Process + Standardisation’ (Themes: process-focused legal services, AI, machine learning, cost analysis, legal fee benchmarking, legal ops, inhouse legal, corporate counsel. Length: 25 mins.)

Ayfie Lists Shares in Rare Legal Tech Move. (Themes: doc review companies, public listing, funding, business strategy. Length: 7 mins.)

Are US Law Firms Really Innovating?’ interview with Ryan McClead of Sente Advisors. (Themes: Innovation, US law firms, change, economics of legal tech. Length: 36 mins.)