Created by Artificial Lawyer and organised by Cosmonauts, there will be two Legal Innovators conferences this year:

  • in San Francisco, California – June 18,
  • and also in London, UK, over two focused days – October 7 and 8.

Legal Innovators California – June 18th, San Francisco

After the great success of the inaugural event in London last year, Legal Innovators will now also take place in San Francisco, California on 18th June 2020, 

​Like the London event, the California conference is for everyone interested in technology, innovation and the business of law – created by the legal tech news site, Artificial Lawyer, and organised by leading conference company, Cosmonauts.

Legal Innovators is for learning, sharing and networking.

Some of the speakers announced so far, more to come.

It’s for everyone who wants to learn about this increasingly important subject area that is steadily reshaping the legal market. Whether you are a Partner at a law firm, a General Counsel inside a company, a professional focused on technology and legal services delivery, a start-up, or an investor in technology, there is something for you at Legal Innovators.

Legal Innovators is for everyone who wants to learn, to share, and meet their peers. It’s for people just starting to explore this area, as well as for those who are already very experienced, but want to know what is now ‘market standard’ in this rapidly changing field.

An example of some of the topics that will be explored on the day by our fantastic group of experts includes:

  • Reshaping Legal Services – How technology and innovation in legal services delivery are making a real difference, where we are heading, and the challenges we face.
  • Deconstructing Value – How inhouse legal teams and legal ops professionals are applying rigour to the delivery of legal services, from better analysis of the cost of producing legal products, to better use of data for business insights, to disaggregating legal work so that the right people and tech do the right things.
  • Looking for Diamonds in the Legal Data Mine – The Legal Research Revolution and the huge increase in value of legal data.

Legal Innovators is also a conference where you are very welcome to join in and ask questions.

Across the day you will hear from an array of great speakers, ranging from people at major law firms, to regional and boutique firms as well, to General Counsel, the Big Four, ALSPs and Law Companies, and as you would expect, experts from some of the world’s leading legal tech companies. 

There will much more to tell you about the event in the weeks and months ahead.

And, you can already buy Early Bird tickets – check out the tickets page. See you all there!

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Legal Innovators London – Oct 7 and Oct 8

This is the second edition of Legal Innovators London, this time over two days.

The first day is focused on law firms and other legal services providers. And the second day is focused on the needs of inhouse legal and legal operations teams.

Some of the confirmed speakers so far for Legal Innovators London.

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