Contracting Platforms are systems that allow lawyers, whether in a law firm or in a corporate, to greatly speed up and improve the contract (and other legal documents) generation and completion process. Often included in this are automated improvements to the negotiation phase, as well as a layer of data extraction that allows the user to gain better insights into the contracting process and its outputs.

The companies listed here include:

  • Avvoka
  • Avokaado 
  • Berkeley Bridge (has other applications, see listing)
  • Clarilis
  • Contract Express – Thomson Reuters (has other applications, see listing)
  • Contract Mill
  • Exari
  • HelpSelfLegal
  • HotDocs
  • JuriBlox (has other applications, see listing)
  • JURIDOC (has other applications, see listing)
  • Juro


Core Product(s): End-to-end document automation platform (online-based)

Key use cases:

  • First-draft automation
    • Generate perfect documents every time by building powerful automated document templates using Avvoka’s intuitive template editor
    • Unlike most automation tools, Avvoka’s editor empowers non-technical users to build sophisticated automated precedents, without the need to use any ‘code’ or syntax
    • The template editor has been honed over four years of rigorous development, so Avvoka can handle NDAs all the way up to 200+ page loan agreements
  • Safe, self-service contracting
    • Drive document creation within business teams by allowing legal teams to build contract playbooks, fallbacks and approval workflows layered into automated templates
    • Only add legal team members into a document where it’s clear they are adding value in more bespoke, important scenarios
  • Internal collaboration –
    • Work in real-time with colleagues on the same version of a document to ensure rapid resolution of queries by using internal comments, clause-based task assignment and approval layers
  • External negotiation
    • Stop playing Word draft ping-pong and negotiate documents with counterparties directly on the platform
    • Reach execution in record time: minimise version chaos and maximise the auditability of changes on documents
    • Use extensive rights-management to restrict the ability of users to mark-up key terms to safeguard negotiating guidelines
  • Document data analysis
    • Effortlessly access the commercial data contained within contracts: automation creates structured, searchable documents that can be analysed in the reporting function or exported to other business information systems
  • Monitoring commercial performance
    • Avvoka’s negotiation editor has a rich data layer: track how key clauses are being marked-up across a document portfolio to spot bottlenecks and areas where a fallback would smooth the negotiation flow

HQ: 12-18 Hoxton St, London N1 6NG

 Other Offices: Found8, Singapore

Total Staff (approx.): 25

Year of Founding: 2015

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Co-founders – Eliot Benzecrit and David Howorth

CTO (or equiv): Tom Doskocil 

Main external investors, if any: N/A

Target Market:

Anyone that uses contracts or documents to get stuff done:

  • Legal and professional service providers of all sizes
  • Legal or operations teams within businesses (in any industry)
  • Commercial, sales or partnerships teams that work with contracts
  • Procurement teams at the front line of vendor onboarding

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Reference Clients:

  • All3Media
  • Allen & Overy
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Carlsberg
  • HSBC
  • McDonald’s
  • Orix
  • Slaughter and May
  • Sony
  • WarnerMedia

Pricing Model(s): License per month basis (with alternatives where necessary for the commercial viability of niche use cases)

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud, own-cloud and on-premise

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO 27001

Company Description:

Avvoka is a document automation, negotiation and analytics tool designed to help law firms, in-house legal teams and businesses (of all sizes) draft documents, negotiate them, and leverage data insights from that process to draft better documents, and get to “yes” faster.

Unlike legacy tools, with Avvoka you can rapidly build automated versions of your most complex documents using our intuitive automation builder. This means no more tricky coding within Word documents. Our customers reach agreement fast by collaborating on documents with colleagues in real-time and negotiating with counterparties via the Avvoka online platform.

Avvoka has a range of sophisticated reporting tools that allow businesses to monitor push-back against their standard contract clauses, track key commercial terms and compare individual negotiator performance.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Avvoka is a complete end-to-end document automation tool, which unlike other document automation systems, allows the user to take a document from precedent, through first-draft, collaboration, negotiation, execution and analysis.

Avvoka’s editor is deceptively simple – by doing away with the requirement to ‘code’ word documents, users with no prior technical knowledge can automate powerful documents using our plain-English, visual template builder. In spite of this, our numerous partnerships with the world’s most prestigious law firms and financial institutions plainly demonstrates that Avvoka can handle even the most sophisticated documents with ease.

With Avvoka, users can take their contracting journey beyond the first draft, with the platform facilitating real-time collaboration with colleagues, workflow and approvals management and task allocation. Once the home team has prepared their draft, users can then invite counterparties to negotiate via the platform, at no extra cost. Negotiating online stops email-Word document ping pong to allow contracting teams to reach execution faster; while the editor collects all the data in the background on how the text is changing during the negotiations.

Once the document is signed (via native integrations with Adobe Sign or DocuSign) Avvoka allows users to surface structured data from entire document portfolios to analyse on platform or via connectors with other reporting tools.

Main contact email:

Twitter and Instagram (or other social media):

Twitter and Instagram: @avvokadocs



Core Product(s): Cloud based contract automation and workflow management platform

Key Use Cases:

Contract workflow automation and management based on template banks and bundles: HR, B2B sales, real-estate projects and procurement;

In-house function automation and delegation to business>template banks>approval and signing flows>audit trails and collaboration on data

API integration for contract data transfer and document creation and management

Legal products for legal service providers>client portals

HQ: Tallinn

Other Offices: NA

Total Staff (approx.): 10

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Co-founders – Mariana Hagström

CTO (or equiv): Rainit Vildo

Main external investors, if any: Will be published soon

Target Market: Law firms, In-house legal teams (General Counsel/legal Counsel). Operations teams.

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Nordics, Baltics, Poland, Belgium

Reference Clients:

  • EY
  • Sands
  • Tele2
  • Funderbeam
  • Veriff
  • Decta

Pricing Model(s): Monthly subscription model based on contract workflows. For enterprise deals combined user based pricing plus annual subscription for signatures.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): InfoSec security testing

Company Description:

Avokaado is a digital workspace focused on contract workflow automation using templates.

Avokaado was founded back in 2016 by Mariana Hagström who was a attorney-at-law and Managing Partner in one of the top law firms in Estonia. Avokaado helps lawyers to automate document workflows by using templates so they can delegate, scale and control legal operations without risks and time wasting or create legal solution for businesses..

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Template automation with style editor, docx/pdf download, document bundles, in-house databases, template management. Quick drafting with live view. Online editor of clauses after the questionnaire is filled (coming).

Document workflow management includes collaborative drafting (collecting data from other parties), attachments, messaging, approval and signing flows, document workflows management and tracking also based on user groups and 360 view.

Automated progress tracking and personal workspace for quick overview of tasks, workflows’ statuses and approaching deadlines.

API integration for data management and transfer with other systems and platforms used by the client.

Law firms (special): Very dynamic clause-based platform for contract templating internally but also externally, for clients (contract portals/client portals for self-serve)

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @avokaadoestonia

My initial review is done and this doc edited!

Berkeley Bridge

Core Product(s): Berkeley Publisher

Main Technology: Expert system, Document Assembly

Key Use Cases: Contract Automation, Expert systems, Document Assembly

HQ: Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands

Other Offices: NA

Total Staff (approx.): 14

Year of Founding: 2005

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Oskar Snijders

CTO (or equiv): Matthijs de Vries

Main external investors, if any: None, privately held

Target Market: Law firms, general counsels, governments, compliance, HR, healthcare

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: EMEA

Reference Clients: Stibbe, CMS, Galp, Kennedy van der Laan, Wolters Kluwer, Dutch Government, Wolf Theiss and Van Doorne.

Pricing Model(s): Yearly subscription

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): both cloud & on premise are possible

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO 27001, NEN 7510

Company Description:

Berkeley Bridge enables organizations to generate documents quickly and correctly by using document automation. Based on a clear question structure in the form of an interactive decision tree, the user is able to answer simple questions about the document.

Based on the user’s choices and input, the underlying system then selects the required elements and generates a document. In addition to all relevant text passages, this ready-to-use document contains the data entered, the correct clauses, and variables if there are any.

Berkeley Bridge is trying to make your life a little easier. A little less repetitive and stressful. You can stop drafting NDAs from scratch. You can stop going through the motions. Automating knowledge adds value, because it’s your expertise – multiplied. Want to know more about how to improve efficiency and free up valuable expert time? Visit us here.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

A no coding contract automation platform for domain experts.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):


Core Product(s):  Document automation platform and fully managed service

Main Technology: Document automation

Key Use Cases: Automation of documents for law firms and in-house legal

HQ: Leamington Spa

Other Offices: London

Total Staff (approx.): 50+

Year of Founding:  Platform brought to market in 2015

Development Stage: Fully operational

Chairman (or equiv): Richard Haywood

CEO (or equiv): CEO and Co-Founder – James Quinn

CTO (or equiv): CTO and Co-founder – Kevin Quinn

Main external investors, if any – NVM Private Equity (NVM)

Target Market: Law firms and in-house legal, legal operations, client innovation teams.

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Focused on the UK market, with deployments worldwide.

Reference Clients:

  • Addleshaw Goddard
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Birkets
  • Burness Paull
  • Cadent
  • Forsters
  • Gateley Plc
  • Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Legal Clarity
  • Mills & Reeve
  • National Grid
  • RPC
  • Shakespeare Martineau
  • Simmons & Simmons
  • TLT
  • Travers Smith

Pricing Model(s): Subscription

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): SaaS, UK private cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified by BSI

Company Description:

Clarilis Delivers Automation

Full implementation, delivery and maintenance of automation projects – delivered on time, for a fixed fee and delivering a solid Return on Investment (“ROI”) for both law firms and in-house legal. All built on the market leading CLARILIS™ automation platform by the experienced PSL-led team.

It’s often said that the best products are those designed by the people who actually use them. Clarilis was co-founded by a practising lawyer who believed it was possible to capture best practice drafting methodologies and techniques in an intelligent software solution.

The resulting CLARILIS™ platform and fully managed service is totally attuned to the needs of the legal profession. Clarilis ensures that law firms and in-house legal departments draft consistently high-quality documentation, to create time for solicitors to focus on what they do best – providing bespoke advice to clients and handling non-standard aspects of transactions.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

An intelligent automation platform and managed service for document automation.

The full range of document complexity, from NDAs to complex suites of finance documents.

On average a 90% reduction in the time to create first drafts compared to manual drafting.

Faster time to go-live leads to quicker Return on Investment (ROI).


Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):

Contract Express – Thomson Reuters

Core Product(s):

  • Contract Express (this listing)

Other applications (not listed here)

  • Westlaw Edge (pending)
  • Practical Law
  • Elite 3E
  • eDiscovery Point

Main Technology (Contract Express):

  • Patented logic rules system for automated drafting that auto-builds decision trees from a proprietary clause mark-up language
  • Real time analysis of clause mark-up language in Microsoft Word

Key Use Cases:

  • Automated drafting of documents from templates
  • Client facing automated drafting and collaboration
  • Self-service contract drafting for business users in corporations
  • Contract negotiation and e-signature
  • Expertise automation

HQ: Toronto, Canada

Other Offices: 100+ Countries

Total Staff: 45,000+

Year of Founding: 1799 (as Sweet and Maxwell)

Development Stage: Fully operational

CEO: Jim Smith

CTO: Stewart Beaumont

Target Market:

  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Financial services
  • Government / Public sector

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:

  • UK
  • US
  • Canada
  • ANZ
  • EMEA
  • APAC

Reference Clients:

  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • Clifford Chance
  • Mishcon de Reya
  • Radiant Law
  • Simmons & Simmons
  • Kerman & Co

Pricing Model(s): Per User

Software Configuration: Cloud or on-prem

Security Standards: ISO 27001

Company Description:

Trusted content, software and services, designed to increase the efficiency of legal practitioners. Benefit from powerful legal research products, current awareness, and integrated tools that help manage your matters, contracts, and departments.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Contract Express quickly automates contracts you frequently use, increasing productivity by reducing steps in the drafting process. Users generate these draft documents by filling out web-based forms called questionnaires. The forms are created automatically from your organisation’s own templates or from services such as Practical Law.

Main contact email:

Twitter: @ContractExpress

Contract Mill

Core Product(s):  Document automation platform

Main Technology: Wysiwyg smart editor, Document assembly

Key Use Cases:

  • automating document templates easily yourself
  • creating customised documents from templates in minutes
  • self-check-in and do-it-yourself for client facing
  • widgets for self-service document generation

HQ: Helsinki, Finland

Other Offices: NA

Total Staff (approx.): 3

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Kaisa Kromhof

CTO (or equiv): Alexandr Lukyanov

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market: Law firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Europe

Reference Clients: NA

Pricing Model(s):

Monthly subscriptions for standard plans and possibility for document based pricing for API and widgets

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):    Cloud-based

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): Certification is planned.

Company Description:

Contract Mill was founded by two lawyers in 2016 originally to solve on one hand personal frustration of a legal service provider related to inability to improve access to legal services due to costly manual work and on the other hand personal irritation of a general counsel to pay too much for low value-adding legal commodity work. As a result, Contract Mill as a platform for lawyers to automate their own documents and using automated content to serve their clients was born.

We help law firms to provide digitally supported, scalable legal services and improve access to justice. Design driven and fun Contract Mill platform is the digital backbone to move from manual processes to automate and scale document creation resulting in better business – also tomorrow!

What is your core product’s key selling point?

1)        Users love our UI/UX, it is intuitive and easy yet works perfectly for both simple and complex documents

2)        Contract Mill supercharges internal efficiency by boosting knowledge management and productivity

3)        Our inbuilt advanced style editor allows the user to easily create unlimited amount of own styles and to have own look and feel in documents

4)        We offer special features for client facing: Self-Check-In and Do-It-Yourself as well as Self-Service Widget

5)        We offer a design-powered onboarding process to maximize the success of the implementation in the organisation

6)        Our pricing model is attractive, making it accessible to the SME law firms and enabling law firms to use Contract Mill in client facing

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):

[ Full Disclosure: Richard Tromans, is currently acting in an occasional, and pro bono, advisory role to this company. ]


Core Product(s):  Exari Contractsä, Exari Contracts HubTM, Exari DocGenä

Main Technology:

  • NLP and ML
  • Expert System
  • Inference Engine
  • Data Extraction Technology
  • BPM Workflow Engine and UI
  • Contract Search and Analytics
  • Integrations (with industry-standard technologies)
  • Compliance Manager (Real-time contract monitoring)

Key Use Cases:

  • Automated contract drafting/self-service contract creation
  • Clause matching
  • Data extraction and modelling
  • Contract negotiation workflows
  • Contract portfolio analysis and reporting
  • Centralized document repository
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of negotiated documents

HQ: Boston, USA

Other Offices: Chicago, USA. London and Newbury, UK. Bergen, Norway. Munich, Germany. Melbourne, Australia.

Total Staff (approx.): Between 100 – 150

Year of Founding: 1999

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational.

CEO (or equiv): Bill Hewitt

CTO (or equiv): Øystein Namtvedt

Main external investors, if any: Beacon Equity Partners

Target Market:

  • Insurance
  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Financial services
  • Banks
  • Oil & gas
  • Healthcare

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union
  • Australia

Pricing Model(s): Exari offers a per user, subscription-based pricing model.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Based on client preference, the software can be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

  • AICPA SOC 2 Certified with a HIPAA Compliance Schedule
  • EU-US Privacy Shield Framework Certified
  • Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework Certified

Company Description:

Exari was founded by two corporate lawyers and a software engineer who set out to revolutionize contract management. Today, Exari is an enterprise-class platform with the power and functionality to handle the entire lifecycle of a contract. Our solutions are designed to equip business users with self-service documents that reduce risk and speed document creation—helping our clients become more agile by reducing bottlenecks and improving compliance.

As a global leader in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, we give companies around the world the ability to automatically assemble contracts, track every contract in their organization, and analyze those contracts to ensure compliance and enhance revenues. Our powerful technology is the most flexible CLM system anywhere in the world.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Exari makes contracting easy, consolidating the entire contracting process into a unified platform capable of creating, storing, analyzing and automating every contract. And thanks to the platform’s depth and flexibility, these benefits are available for all users across any industry.

This holistic approach means greater productivity across an enterprise: self-service contracting and negotiation workflows eliminate bottlenecks so deals can be closed more quickly; proprietary data structuring provides unparalleled analysis to better inform vital business decisions and mitigate contract risk; a secure, centralised repository keeps all contracts and current prevailing terms accessible anytime they’re needed; and AI-powered data extraction provides easy access to legacy and 3rd party contracts.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):




HelpSelf Legal

Core Product(s): Document Automation; Document Assembly; Legal Workflow Management

Main Technology: Document Automation Builder

Key Use Cases: Automating legal workflows, templates, and court forms.

HQ: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Other Offices: San Francisco, CA

Total Staff (approx.): 10

Year of Founding: 2018

Development Stage: Fully Operational

CEO (or equiv): Dorna Moini

CTO (or equiv): Michael Joseph

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market: Law Firms, Legal Aid Organizations, Non-Lawyers with form or template automation needs

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Mainly in US, but with several clients worldwide

Reference Clients: NA

Pricing Model(s): Monthly licensing fee – $200/mo. Discounted rates for small firms and non-profits.  No minimum term.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud. No installation required.  Works on all operating systems and browsers.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): Using industry best practices.

Company Description:

HelpSelf’s Document Automation Builder allows lawyers to create customized guided interviews that issue file-ready or execution-ready documents.

The web-based software can be used to turn frequently used templates, document sets, contracts, or court forms into intelligent interviews, which lawyers can then publish on the web.  The interviews can be used internally – to streamline internal law firm processes – or externally – to publish low-cost, flat-fee technology tools for clients on your own website.

No technical expertise is needed.  Works on all operating systems and browsers.  Mailing, payment, and practice management integrations are also available.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

HelpSelf allows lawyers to create powerful document automation tools that streamline repetitive legal work.  The software is affordable, easy-to-use, and has a modern, mobile-friendly interface that your clients will love.  It takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to start automating.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):

Twitter: @helpselflegal



HotDocs (AbacusNext International Ltd)

Core Product(s):  HotDocs

Main Technology: Automated Document Assembly Software

Key Use Cases: template authoring and document assembly/automation

HQ: Edinburgh, Scotland

Other Offices: San Diego, CA, USA

Total Staff (approx.):    NA

Year of Founding: 1983

Development Stage: Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Alessandra Lezama

CTO (or equiv): Jerome Fodor

Main external investors, if any: Providence Equity Partners

Target Market: Banking, Legal, Insurance, Corporate, and Government

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Europe and North America, but have clients around the globe.

Reference Clients: Royal Bank of Scotland, Orrick, ECE, Caltrans

Pricing Model(s): Pricing depends on number of users and hosting needs.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):   Desktop, Cloud, On-site or Hybrid

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): When deployed in the Abacus Private Cloud the following security certifications apply:

Company Description:

As the largest Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) provider for the professional services sector, AbacusNext helps legal and accounting professionals achieve ultimate success and peace of mind through the delivery of a complete suite of compliance-ready technology solutions designed to support a secure and cloud-enabled practice at a cost they can afford.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

HotDocs transforms frequently used, business critical documents and forms into dynamic templates that enable custom documentation in a fraction of the time.

Parent Company:


Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):

JuriBlox B.V.

Core Product(s):

  • JuriBlox: Interactive document/advice generator (document assembly);
  • PrivacyBlox: Intuitive GDPR compliance tool;
  • JuriBlox DocumentShop: build your own online document shop;
  • NDALynn: Automatic NDA review software.

Main Technology :

  • JuriBlox, PrivacyBlox and DocumentShop: Legal expert system which makes use of algorithmic logic;
  • NDALynn: Machine Learning.

Key Use Cases :

  • Document drafting and assembly;
  • Knowledge management and storage;
  • Contracting flow automation;
  • Collaboration on document drafting and negotiation;
  • GDPR risk and compliance;

HQ: Jollemanhof 8a, 1019 GW Amsterdam.

Total Staff (approx.): Apprx 12.

Year of Founding: 2016.

Development Stage : Fully operational.

CEO : Niels Winters, Business Manager.


Main external investors, if any:  N/A

Target Market :

Law firms, boutique law firms, general counsels, interim legal counsels, privacy officers, lawyers, paralegals, HR-managers, purchasing managers.

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:

The Netherlands, Belgium and United States.

Reference Clients : N/A

Pricing Model(s):

The pricing of JuriBlox depends on the degree of usage of the software. As a guideline, the price has been set at EUR 79,- per month if one user does not exceed the generation of 20 documents per month.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):

Cloud-based software.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

JuriBlox is currently in the process of obtaining an ISO 27001 certification. Hosting of the servers has been outsourced to an ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certified hostingprovider.

Company Description :

JuriBlox is a software company derived from ICTRecht, a boutique legal advisory firm on ICT and privacy law. Our main focus is to automate work flows within the legal industry, more specific when it comes to drafting legal documentation. We have therefore developed the software of JuriBlox which enables lawyers, general counsels and other legal advisory firms and/or companies with legal departments to use their valuable time more efficient by automating the draft of legal documentation.

Legal documents via JuriBlox are generated by completing an interactive questionnaire. Clients have the possibility to use templates and questionnaires of JuriBlox which have been drafted by JuriBlox and its legal partners or to use their own organizational templates. JuriBlox provides consultancy services to clients when implementing own templates on the cloud-based software of JuriBlox.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

JuriBlox’s main key selling points are:

  • A flexible and user-friendly platform which allows you to easily generate standard legal documentation tailor made to a specific case;
  • From a central platform, always have access to the most recent and up-to-date templates within your organization which improves the efficiency of and reduce any mistakes by employees;
  • Guarantee the quality of your legal documentation by setting user rights to accounts to ensure that templates can only be amended by authorized employees;
  • Easily draft and amend questionnaires and corresponding content of your own templates;
  • Assign tasks to certain employees/users within the online platform;
  • The ability to train junior employees by working with practical cases from the start.

Main contact email:



Core Product(s):  Document Automation, Online Negotiation, Document Management, Legal document marketplace

Main Technology: NodeJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, MongoDB, Git, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain,

Key Use Cases (e.g. doc review; risk assessment, research): In September with our beta version of our future legal platform

HQ: Brazil

Other Offices: NA

Total Staff (approx.): 5

Year of Founding: 2017

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational):

  • Document Automation : fully operational
  • Online negotiation : Beta
  • Document Management : Beta
  • Legal document Marketplace : end of 2018

CEO (or equiv): Maxime Troubat

CTO (or equiv): Silas Balmante

Main external investors, if any: Startup Farm

Target Market: Law firms, Corporates (sales and HR teams)

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Brazil for now, USA and Europe in 2019

Reference Clients: NA

Pricing Model(s):

  • Per document and services
  • Plan

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): NA

Company Description:

Juridoc is one of the legaltech pioneers in Brazil. Created in 2017, Juridoc has successfully launched a legal platform where small and medium companies can generate personalized legal documents and also provide services such as creating a company or registering a brand.

The ambition of the company is to revolutionize legal services through technology.

That’s why a new platform is already on track and will be released in September 2018. It will offer more services. Indeed, Juridoc will then be a cloud-based contract automation platform where anyone will be able to automate, review, send, negotiate, sign, and manage their legal documents, all in one place. They will also have access to a marketplace of legal documents made by Juridoc and by lawyers.

The cherry on the cake: with the partnership with IBM Watson, Juridoc will use Artificial Intelligence to help entrepreneurs become better negotiators. This platform will be usable worldwide.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

We are providing an all in one legal platform scalable for different uses.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):


Core Product(s): Contract workflow platform

Main Technology: NER, NLP, ML. Contract authoring, negotiation and e-signing, with AI-level analytics and data extraction tools.

Key Use Cases: Contract management, contract workflow for legal, sales and HR (including via API)

HQ: London, UK

Other Offices: Riga, Latvia

Total Staff (approx.): 16

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Richard Mabey

CTO (or equiv): Pavel Kovalevich

Main external investors, if any: Point Nine Capital, Seedcamp, Taavet Hinrikus (TransferWise founder), Michael Pennington (Gumtree founder), Paul Forster (Indeed founder), Ned Staple (GC of Zoopla).

Target Market: In-house lawyers

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Europe, US, Canada

Reference Clients (optional): Deliveroo, Estee Lauder, Hostmaker and Nested

Pricing Model(s): Per user licenses for standard plans; volume based for API plans

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):  Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): IASME, CyberEssentials (working towards ISO27001)

Company Description:

Juro is a next generation contract workflow platform, headquartered in London. The platform offers contract authoring, negotiation and e-signing tools while delivering AI-level analytics and data extraction capabilities. Founded by an ex Magic Circle lawyer, the platform covers the end-to-end contract process, whether through the Juro interface or via API. Juro is backed by Point Nine Capital, Seedcamp and the founders of TransferWise, Gumtree and Indeed and serves the likes of Deliveroo, Estee Lauder, Hostmaker, and Nested.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Combining the power of AI with a design first approach. Powerful technology that anyone – whether in a legal, sales or HR – can use.

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