Workflow Automation + Transaction Tools are defined here as tech systems that allow lawyers to at least partially automate elements of a deal process or transaction, or other legal work flow, including patent work. This may combine a range of supporting technologies, from machine learning, to automated data extraction, to automated triggers to move work processes along, to in some cases natural language generation (NLG).

The companies listed here include:

  • Aerofiler
  • Autologyx
  • Closing Folders
  • dealWIP
  • Doxly
  • Intapp
  • Legatics
  • Mitratech (which has other capabilities also – see listing). 
  • Neota Logic (also see Expert Systems section)
  • Specifio

Aerofiler Inc.

Core Product(s):  System for filing and managing signed contracts and corporate records

Main Technology: Workflow automation and assistance; AI-assisted data entry tools

Key Use Cases: Document filing and organisation; document review; document analysis

HQ: Sydney, Australia

Other Offices: Redwood City, California

Total Staff (approx.): 4

Year of Founding: 2018

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO: Don Nguyen

CTO: Jarrod Mirabito

Target Market: In-house legal teams

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: US, Canada, UK, Australia

Pricing Model(s):  Annual subscription fee based on number of documents stored

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):  Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): No certifications currently.

Company Description:

Aerofiler helps legal teams to file, organise, and track information in their signed contracts and corporate records. By providing intelligent workflow automation and assistance tools, Aerofiler enables users to search, browse, review, analyse, report on, and record key information in those documents more efficiently than existing solutions.

Founded by a team of lawyers and engineers, Aerofiler focuses on providing the best experience for managing signed contracts, and can integrate with other systems handling earlier stages of the contract lifecycle.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Every Aerofiler feature is designed to dramatically save time, reduce the manual labour associated with contract management, and let teams focus on more valuable work. The ability to get more value from contracts without having to do more work drives the successful adoption of Aerofiler within organisations.

Main contact email:

Twitter: @aerofiler



Core Product(s): autologyx® digital operations platform

Main Technology: Digital operations platform enabling automation and integration of 3rd party technologies

Key Use Cases: Legal Triage & Allocation, Contract & Document Remediation, Operational Management, Governance and compliance, AI and Machine Learning for Legal and Compliance

HQ: Farnborough, United Kingdom
Other Offices: N/A
Total Staff (approx.): 34
Year of Founding: 2011
Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Ben Stoneham
CTO (or equiv): Ben Stoneham

Target Market: In-house legal teams, law firms, law companies, legal process outsourcers and operational and compliance leaders,

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: UK, USA, Europe, Australia

Pricing Model(s): Subscription-based licence fee

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO27001 – accredited data centre and infrastructure.

Company Description:

The autologyx® digital operations platform automates complex, bespoke end-to-end legal processes, such as those requiring human input, reviews, approvals or triage, or integration of any third-party technology such as machine learning review, databases or analytics tools.

By removing time wasted on manually undertaken tasks, and linking together any third-party technologies or data sources, autologyx® enables you to drive efficiency and standardisation, and accelerate innovation with customised products and workflows for your client or business. With rapid time to implementation and return on investment (ROI), autologyx® empowers legal operations to better service more client output with the same legal resource.

autologyx® is driven by data and events, not linear workflows, so all actions and interactions are tracked in real-time, providing live data for insights, machine learning applications and complete auditability. This data-driven capability enables customers to deliver huge ROI through the benefits of automation, while simultaneously collecting and preparing domain-expert data as a by-product of user activity, transferring human driven know-how into proprietary ML capabilities.

With a heritage in operational compliance, autologyx® moves beyond simple task-based technologies to offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to automation for Legal and Compliance applications in Enterprise businesses.

Designed and hosted in the cloud, the platform features a readily customisable and intuitive UI/ UX experience tailored to your organisation.

Main contact email:

Twitter: @autologyx



Core Product(s): Autto – intelligent workflow automation platform

Main Technology: Legal Process Automation Software.

Key Use Cases: General platform to turn routine legal and legalish processes, such as approvals, documents and information provision into automated workflows.

HQ: London, UK

Other Offices:  N A

Total Staff (approx.): 5

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational):  Beta

CEO (or equiv): Ian Gosling

CTO (or equiv): Krisztián Kerék

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market : Small and medium-sized law firms, in-house teams, regulated industries and professional services

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: UK

Reference Clients: NA

Pricing Model(s):

Accessible pricing based on usage levels

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):  Secured Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

Standard applications pending

Company Description:

Autto was founded by Ian Gosling (SaaS product manager and consultant) and Max Cole (barrister and ex-solicitor). It provides an easy-to-use automation platform for legal, regulated and professional services.  Currently, firms in these sectors use smart, expensive, overqualified staff to complete routine work because automation remains inaccessible. Autto gives small and medium-sized companies a secure online platform with a visual flow-chart like interface enabling the easy, reliable and intelligent automation of repetitive processes.

We believe that existing automations systems are overly complex to use, too expensive for many firms, and hard-to-implement due to IT requirements.  Autto is designed to make intelligent automation accessible to all. It has a simple visual editor that allows clients to turn their repeated processes into automated workflows by linking a series of actions such as forms, smart document creation, emailing, web pages and conditions.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Autto offers uniquely assessable automation with workflows that can be easily created by anyone with minimal training. Combined with simple web-page workflow execution that can be used internally, securely by clients or by end customers in a self-service format

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @Auttoio

Closing Folders Inc.

Core Product(s):  Closing Folders’ legal transaction management platform

Main Technology: NLP / CNN (image based machine learning)

Key Use Cases: Managing documents in a legal transaction and automating collection of signature pages and creation of closing books.

HQ: Toronto, Canada

Other Offices: None

Total Staff (approx.): 10-20

Year of Founding: 2013

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Sahil Zaman

CTO (or equiv): Gordon Cassie

Main external investors, if any: None

Target Market: Law Firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: US / Canada

Reference Clients:

Closing Folders customers include firms in the AmLaw 10, Big Four and Global 500.  Check our website for an up to date list of testimonials from law firms who have agreed to public about their use of Closing Folders.

Pricing Model(s): Our product is sold as a monthly or annual subscription based on the number of active users.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):  Cloud. Hybrid options are available.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

Closing Folders has an extensive array of security features and is subject to rigorous periodic penetration testing by independent auditors in addition to other audits and reviews in accordance with our security and data management policies. A full description of our security controls is available upon request.

Closing Folders supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) as well as single-sign-on (SSO) with ADFS. Closing Folders is fully compliant with GDPR.

Company Description:

Closing Folders helps lawyers run legal transactions in two ways. First, it centralizes every document, version, schedule, and signature, across all law firms, in a single place. Second, it automates mundane error prone tasks like creating signing packages and closing books.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

  1. Closing Checklists: Closing Folders centralizes all documents across all law firms in a single place providing lawyers with a real-time view of their deal.
  2. Signature Pages: Closing Folders can automatically detect all the signature pages in your documents and figure out who needs to sign them. Creating and sending signing packages – a process that currently takes several hours or days – can be accomplished in a few clicks. Signed pages are automatically synced back into the correct closing items.
  3. Closing Books: Lawyers who use Closing Folders can send their clients a closing book the day a deal closes. Meanwhile, firm administrators can track all closing books made across the firm and seamlessly integrate new closing books into the firm’s existing knowledge management systems.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):


Core Product(s): Transaction Management & Collaboration Platform

Main Technology: Workflow software

Key Use Cases: Transaction Management & Document Management

HQ: Columbia, Maryland

Other Offices: Brooklyn, New York & Nashville, Tennessee

Total Staff (approx.): 6

Year of Founding: 2017

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Beta

CEO (or equiv): Tunji Williams

CTO (or equiv): Juan Job Rodriguez

Main external investors, if any: Non-Public

Target Market: Law Firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: US & UK

Reference Clients: N/A

Pricing Model(s): Software-as-a-Service (customers charged per month, per user, with volume discounts available)

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

  • We protect our data with At-Rest AES-256 encryption for both RDS instances and file storage. Data in transit is encrypted with 128-bit SSL/TLS or better.
  • Our data centers are ISO 27001 and SSAE Type II certified and comply with the U.S.-EU and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks in place by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Company Description: A software company developing cloud-based, legal matter management solutions to help lawyers streamline and automate the many phases of legal transactions.

What is your core product’s key selling point? Thoughtfully designed and integrated transaction management platform. Flexible and usable workflow modules addressing the many phases of legal transactions.

Contact email:

Twitter: @dealWIP

Doxly, Inc.

Core Product(s): Legal Transaction Management & Collaboration Platform (Doxly for Closings, Doxly for Collaboration)

Main Technology: IDR and CNN

Key Use Cases: Deal Management, Signature Management (creating, packaging and tracking all signature pages), Minute Books, Project Management, Data Room Management and Data Analytics

HQ: Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Other Offices: N/A

Total Staff (approx.): 12

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully Operational

CEO (or equiv): Haley Altman, CEO

CTO (or equiv): Moses Dwaram, VP of Engineering

Main external investors, if any: (optional) Nextlaw Labs, High Alpha

Target Market: Law Firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: United States, Canada, U.K.

Reference Clients:

  • Dentons US
  • Burns Figa Will
  • Ice Miller
  • Hirschler Fleischer
  • Nextlaw Ventures
  • 5 additional members of the Am Law 50

Pricing Model(s): Annual subscription based on number of users and deals, packaged to meet our customers’ needs. Accordance

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Doxly is a cloud-based platform. We can offer a hybrid solution as well.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): Doxly maintains security policies and procedures compliant with the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix. Doxly conducts regular third party penetration testing performed by independent auditors as well as other audits and policy reviews in line with our security and data privacy policies. We protect data both at-rest and in transit. All data is stored in ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers.

Doxly offers SSO with ADFS and multi-factor authentication. We are GDPR compliant.

Company Description: Doxly is a secure workflow management platform that enables law firms to complete their work with visibility and precision in an easy-to-use environment. Doxly provides a holistic approach to managing all transaction types and complex legal workflows that empower attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants to establish and retain relationships with loyal and profitable clients.

We have a particular focus on managing the closing process and eliminating low-return administrative tasks while preserving the workflow our customers already use today. We have created a comprehensive process for closing deals and creating the final deal record. We believe that creating a streamlined closing binder is aided by a streamlined closing process so our system creates every signature page and packet, provides real-time tracking of each signature and simple execution of each document with a direct link back to your document management system so you never lose track of an executed agreement.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Closing Checklists – Provide a transaction roadmap, helping you organize all relevant documents and tasks required for closing. Never lose track of the current version or responsible party of a document. Keep track of everything needed to move your deal forward with our document-centric task management features.

Signature Management – Doxly brings efficiency to the entire signature process. On any give deal, numerous signature pages must be created, put into packets, sent for signature and tracked. With Signatures Simplified, signature blocks are created once, pages are formatted automatically, and packets are created without ever printing or scanning a single page. When a signer changes in a deal an entire packet must be recreated, costing precious time in the critical closing moments, Doxly enables you to change the signer’s information once and we update it across all applicable signature pages instantly.  We coordinate the signature collection process (both manual and electronic signature) and track every page. This centralized solution reduces time spent on administrative tasks by approximately 53% and reduces errors.

Closing Books – Create execution copies of every agreement within the system which can be linked back to your document management system. Delight your clients with closing books delivered at closing with our simple closing book generator, resulting in a time savings of over 80% over traditional processes.

Project Management – Legal teams can invite clients and opposing counsel if desired to the negotiation process, creating more efficiencies with every legal matter and significantly differentiating the firm’s legal services delivery. Doxly allows its users to assign tasks, designate responsible parties, track document versions and identify and resolve open issues. Customize privacy settings ensure confidentiality of each document.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @DoxlyApp (Twitter), LinkedIn, Facebook


Core Product(s):

  • Intapp Conflicts
  • Intapp Experience
  • Intapp Flow
  • Intapp Intake
  • Intapp Integrate
  • Intapp Pricing
  • Intapp Terms
  • Intapp Time
  • Intapp Walls

Main Technology:

Intapp leverages multiple AI technologies such as NLP, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics etc. applying them to specific use cases such as Terms Classification, Conflicts Clearance, Predictive Budgeting and more

Key Use Cases:

  • Information security
  • Application integration
  • Time management/ recording and keeping
  • Confidentiality
  • Client counsel and management
  • Client experience management
  • Business intake/ conflict clearance
  • Increase productivity and workflow
  • Terms management
  • Onboarding and business acceptance

HQ: Palo Alto, California

Other Offices:

  • London, UK
  • Sydney, Australia

Total Staff (approx.): 450

Year of Founding:  2000

Development Stage: Fully operational

CEO (or equiv):  John Hall, CEO

CTO (or equiv): Thad Jampol, Chief Product Officer

Main external investors, if any:

— Temasek and Great Hill Partners

Target Market:

  • Professional services
    • Law firms
    • Consulting firms
    • Accounting firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:

Intapp’s technology is globally applicable, irrespective of legal jurisdiction.

Reference Clients:

  • Baker McKenzie
  • BDO
  • Orrick

Pricing Model(s):

On-premise and SaaS annual licensing model

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):  Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Cloud specific ISO 27017/27018 certified

Company Description:

Intapp provides software and services that enable professional services and capital markets firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace, enhancing their ability to win more business, operate efficiently, manage risk and drive project and client success.

Over 1,100 customers globally, including 96 of the Global 100 law firms, five of the top eight global accounting firms, and more than 400 capital markets and advisory firms, rely on us. We offer a professional services platform – purpose-built for this industry – spanning the entire client life cycle, with solutions for client development, business acceptance and client delivery. Intapp is backed by Temasek and Great Hill Partners.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

  • Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Client Lifecycle/Development/Experience

Twitter (or other social media):


Core Product(s):  Deal Management Platform

Main Technology:  Legal design thinking, pattern recognition, workflow

Key Use Cases: CP checklist management, document management, issues list tracking, KYC collection, transaction bible generation.

HQ:  London

Other Offices:

Total Staff (approx.): 10

Year of Founding: 2015 (latest version launched 2017)

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Anthony Seale

CTO (or equiv): Yuriy Litovchenko

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market:  Law firms, in house teams managing transactions

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:  EMEA, USA, Asia-Pacific

Reference Clients (optional): Several of the world’s largest law firms, including Allen & Overy and Herbert Smith Freehills, 40% of Chambers and Partners top banking and finance firms global-wide

Pricing Model(s): Per matter, batches of matters, firm wide licence

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO27001:2017, Cyber Essentials Plus

Company Description:

Legatics is a fast-growing London-based legal technology company.  Legatics was formed by former transactional lawyers and provides law firms with an online deal platform to improve the efficiency and client experience of legal transactions.  The Legatics platform transforms traditional legal processes into simple and highly automated software that frees lawyers of administrative tasks.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Legatics’ core selling point is its user interface and user experience.  The product has been designed by former lawyers which ensures that it captures the nuances of legal transactions.  At Legatics, we realise that it is one thing to create useful legal technology and another for lawyers to actually use it.  Our users love how simple and intuitive the product is which makes it easy for them to pick it up and use on their transactions without having to undergo significant training.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):


Core Product(s): TeamConnect, TAP Workflow Automation, Collaborati e-billing portal, PolicyHub and DataStoreDSX.

Main Technology: Enterprise Legal Management, TeamConnect

Key Use Cases: Matter management, legal spend management, contracts management, workflow automation, compliance management, policy management, incident management, information governance.

HQ: Austin, Texas

Other Offices: San Francisco, CA; Slough, England; Swansea, Wales; Melbourne, Australia

Total Staff (approx.): 375

Year of Founding: 1987

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Jason Parkman

CTO (or equiv): Nagendra Donepudi

Main external investors, if any: (optional) Hg Capital

Target Market: Legal Operations, General Counsel, CLO, CCO, Compliance/Risk Managers, Law Firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: United States, United Kingdom, Commonwealth of Australia

Reference Clients: Contact Mitratech for references

Pricing Model(s):

Our pricing strategy embraces our company growth strategy: to align our product offerings with our clients’ strategic business objectives and maximize the long-term return on investment we deliver. The pricing models are built upon a number of factors: user count, the package of solutions and modules purchased, length of term, legal spend through the e-billing portal, and other consumption-oriented factors related to use – ultimately aligning cost to value.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):

Mitratech’s solutions can be deployed either on premise or hosted by Mitratech Cloud Services in order to best match the differing business needs and IT infrastructure requirements.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

The Mitratech Hosting Data Center is aligned with and/or certified in the following security controls that are renewed annually:

  • ISO 27002
  • SSAE16 SOC2
  • SIG (Standard Information Gathering Questionnaire)\
  • CAIQ (Cloud Security Alliance’s Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire)

Company Description:

Mitratech is a proven global technology partner for corporate legal professionals who seek out and maximize opportunities to raise productivity, control expense, and mitigate risk by deepening organizational alignment, increasing visibility, and spurring collaboration across the enterprise.

With Mitratech’s proven portfolio of end-to-end solutions, operational best practices permeate the enterprise, standardizing processes and accelerating time-to-value. By unlocking every opportunity to drive progress and improve outcomes, we’re helping legal teams rise to the challenge of serving the evolving needs of the modern, dynamic enterprise.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

The TeamConnect platform is a proven Enterprise Legal Management solution that brings together people, processes, and information across the entire enterprise, so our clients can focus on delivering innovation and excellence.

By creating a single source of truth across legal operations and practice areas, business leaders are able to make informed strategic decisions and drive toward the KPIs that will create meaningful long-term value to the entire organization. TeamConnect provides visibility, proof and demonstrable evidence of legal best practice.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):

 Neota Logic 

Core Product(s): Neota Logic System; automation software for legal services

Main Technology (e.g. NLP/ML; expert system): expert system, document & process automation and third-party ML processing through API, data analytics & visualisation

Key Use Cases (e.g. doc review; risk assessment, research): new case intake and analysis, triage and routing, document review automation, document assembly, e2e document lifecycle automation, legal self-service applications, automated compliance systems, multi-jurisdictional analysis.

Neota Logic workflow automation is an important component in the Neota Platform. It provides flexible tools with which very complex processes can be designed, delivered and administered. One of more Neota applications – each of which can use the full power of Neota Logic user interface development, reasoning and integration are built to define and implement the steps in the process.

Workflow is a sophisticated drag and drop product and the next incarnation of Neota’s “Products” functionality which allows users to link multiple applications together to create solutions that span parties and time periods. This effectively allows users to create automated Workflows that can, for example, create drafts of agreements, send internally or to third parties for review, negotiation, approval and execution.

HQ: New York

Other Offices: London, Melbourne

Total Staff (approx.): 70+

Year of Founding: 2009

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): John Lord

CTO (or equiv): Julian Uebergang, Howard Robinson

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market: General Counsel, Legal Operations, Law Firms, Tax Advisors, Audit and Accounting

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: All major markets.

Reference Clients: Refer to client announcements and success stories

Pricing Model(s): Monthly license fee for access to development tools and professional services.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):    Cloud in AWS and Azure (from Sept 2018)

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): All recognised standards are supported.

Company Description:

Neota is the world’s leading no-code automation platform for professional services. Our revolutionary app development software allows professionals to rapidly automate any aspect of your expert services and enjoy the benefits of improved productivity, client satisfaction and new opportunities. Neota offers its software and services to customers from its offices in New York, London and Melbourne.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Neota Logic System (NLS) is a comprehensive platform for legal services automation, offering ‘no-code’ tools to automate expert legal reasoning, end-to-end processes and document lifecycle. NLS authoring tools allow for rapid prototyping and easy maintenance of applications along with ‘API’ integration with a wide variety of third-party AI and traditional technologies.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @NeotaLogic


Core Product(s): Automated generation of patent applications

Main Technology: NLP/NLG

Key Use Cases: patent drafting, patent preparation,

HQ: 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 210, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Other Offices: N/A

Total Staff (approx.): 10

Year of Founding: 2017

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Ian Schick

Chief Scientist: Kevin Knight

CTO (or equiv): Xing Shi

Main external investors, if any: N/A

Target Market: law firms w/ patent practices, in-house patent counsel

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: English-language jurisdictions (primarily USA and Canada at present)

Reference Clients:: N/A

Pricing Model(s): hybrid subscription-transactional (

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): cloud (our service runs over email)

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

Company Description:

Specifio provides a fully-automated patent drafting service that, in only a couple minutes, converts attorney-drafted software method claims into a first-draft specification with system and method figures. The entire application is complete except the Background and a portion of the Detailed Description, which an attorney or agent can efficiently finalize with their own high value-added edits. Practitioners can even customize how Specifio creates auto-drafts so the result looks and reads like their own work. Regardless of whether you are a law firm partner, associate, or in-house counsel, Specifio’s automation can elevate your practice to a new level.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

We help practitioners increase their patent-drafting capacity by 30%.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):