Decision Automation covers tools that primarily relate to building and managing legal workflows. Often these are no-code or low-code solutions.

The companies listed here include:

  • Autologyx
  • Berkeley Bridge
  • Josef
  • LawDroid
  • Neota Logic


Core Product(s): autologyx® digital operations platform

Main Technology: Digital operations platform enabling automation and integration of 3rd party technologies

Key Use Cases: Legal Triage & Allocation, Contract & Document Remediation, Operational Management, Governance and compliance, AI and Machine Learning for Legal and Compliance

HQ: Farnborough, United Kingdom
Other Offices: N/A
Total Staff (approx.): 34
Year of Founding: 2011
Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Ed Wilson
CTO (or equiv): Ben Stoneham

Target Market: In-house legal teams, law firms, law companies, legal process outsourcers and operational and compliance leaders,

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: UK, USA, Europe, Australia

Pricing Model(s): Subscription-based licence fee

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO27001 – accredited data centre and infrastructure.

Company Description:

The autologyx® digital operations platform automates complex, bespoke end-to-end legal processes, such as those requiring human input, reviews, approvals or triage, or integration of any third-party technology such as machine learning review, databases or analytics tools.

By removing time wasted on manually undertaken tasks, and linking together any third-party technologies or data sources, autologyx® enables you to drive efficiency and standardisation, and accelerate innovation with customised products and workflows for your client or business. With rapid time to implementation and return on investment (ROI), autologyx® empowers legal operations to better service more client output with the same legal resource.

autologyx® is driven by data and events, not linear workflows, so all actions and interactions are tracked in real-time, providing live data for insights, machine learning applications and complete auditability. This data-driven capability enables customers to deliver huge ROI through the benefits of automation, while simultaneously collecting and preparing domain-expert data as a by-product of user activity, transferring human driven know-how into proprietary ML capabilities.

With a heritage in operational compliance, autologyx® moves beyond simple task-based technologies to offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to automation for Legal and Compliance applications in Enterprise businesses.

Designed and hosted in the cloud, the platform features a readily customisable and intuitive UI/ UX experience tailored to your organisation.

Main contact email:

Twitter: @autologyx



Core Product(s): Autto – intelligent workflow automation platform

Main Technology: Legal Process Automation Software.

Key Use Cases: General platform to turn routine legal and legalish processes, such as approvals, documents and information provision into automated workflows.

HQ: London, UK

Other Offices:  N A

Total Staff (approx.): 5

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational):  Beta

CEO (or equiv): Ian Gosling

CTO (or equiv): Krisztián Kerék

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market : Small and medium-sized law firms, in-house teams, regulated industries and professional services

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: UK

Reference Clients: NA

Pricing Model(s):

Accessible pricing based on usage levels

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):  Secured Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

Standard applications pending

Company Description:

Autto was founded by Ian Gosling (SaaS product manager and consultant) and Max Cole (barrister and ex-solicitor). It provides an easy-to-use automation platform for legal, regulated and professional services.  Currently, firms in these sectors use smart, expensive, overqualified staff to complete routine work because automation remains inaccessible. Autto gives small and medium-sized companies a secure online platform with a visual flow-chart like interface enabling the easy, reliable and intelligent automation of repetitive processes.

We believe that existing automations systems are overly complex to use, too expensive for many firms, and hard-to-implement due to IT requirements.  Autto is designed to make intelligent automation accessible to all. It has a simple visual editor that allows clients to turn their repeated processes into automated workflows by linking a series of actions such as forms, smart document creation, emailing, web pages and conditions.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Autto offers uniquely assessable automation with workflows that can be easily created by anyone with minimal training. Combined with simple web-page workflow execution that can be used internally, securely by clients or by end customers in a self-service format

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @Auttoio

Berkeley Bridge

Core Product(s): Berkeley Publisher

Main Technology: Expert system, Document Assembly

Key Use Cases: Expert systems, Document Assembly, Document Automation (see other section)

HQ: Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands

Other Offices: NA

Total Staff (approx.): 14

Year of Founding: 2005

Development Stage: Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Oskar Snijders

CTO (or equiv): Matthijs de Vries

Main external investors, if any: None, privately held

Target Market: Law firms, general counsels, governments, compliance, HR, healthcare

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: EMEA

Reference Clients: Stibbe, CMS, Galp, Kennedy van der Laan, Wolters Kluwer, Dutch Government, Wolf Theiss and Van Doorne.

Pricing Model(s): Yearly subscription.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): both cloud & on premises are possible.

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO 27001, NEN 7510

Company Description:

Berkeley Bridge believes that the existing knowledge & experience in organizations is the most important precondition for success. The effective use of all information available allows organizations to optimize processes and to serve customers better.

Berkeley Bridge has been supporting organizations for over fifteen years by advising them and inspiring them in terms of knowledge systems. We provide solutions for designing, managing, and sharing knowledge in, inter alia, the legal domain, in health care, for the government, and in many other sectors.

In order for everyone in the organization to benefit optimally, however, it is important that this valuable information is accessible and practically applicable. In practice, most information is located in the minds of employees, hidden in separate documentation or fragmented in different systems. Therefore, we aim to make a significant contribution to the improvement of knowledge sharing in your organization so that valuable information is available to everyone and so that it can actually be of decisive value to your organization.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

No coding platform for domain experts.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media):


Core Product(s): No-code service automation platform to automate decisions and workflows.

Main Technology: Expert Systems, Document Automation, Legal Process Automation Software

Key Use Cases: Decision Automation, Contract Generation, Virtual legal assistant, Self-Service Applications, Knowledge Management, Repapering.

HQ: Remote first. Other Offices: London, New York, Dublin, Berlin and Frankfurt

Total Staff (approx.): 160

Year of Founding: 2018

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Michael Grupp

CTO (or equiv): Michael Huebl

Main external investors, if any: Accel, Tiger Global, Dawn Capital, Notion

Target Market: In-house legal counsel, law firms and professional service providers, compliance teams

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: UK, Europe, North America

Reference Clients: Ashurst, Baker McKenzie, Reed Smith, ING, McDonalds, Telefonica, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte

Pricing Model(s): Annual License Fees

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): ISO27001 Certified; GDPR Compliant

Company Description:

BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications. The truly no-code platform gives enterprise teams the tools to build self-service applications to provide faster, more accurate services to their colleagues, without programming.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Ease-of-use and built for legal and regulatory scenarios. Lawyers and other experts can build digital applications themselves, without any programming, that are powerful enough to automate complex legal services. They can get started in minutes and build, test and launch applications in one click.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): Twitter: @BRYTER_io and LinkedIn  


Core Product(s): Legal automation platform

Main Technology: expert system; conversational user interface; document automation

Key Use Cases: intake and triage; automated legal services (both public-facing and custom); workflow automation; document automation; marketing and lead generation; community legal education

HQ: Melbourne, Australia

Other Offices: New York

Total Staff (approx.): 6

Year of Founding: 2018

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): Tom Dreyfus

CTO (or equiv): Kirill Kliavin

Main external investors, if any: N/A

Target Market: lawyers, in-house counsel, law firms and government/legal aid

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: Australia, United States, United Kingdom

Reference Clients: Herbert Smith Freehills; American Bar Association; Baker McKenzie; Betterment; Future Super

Pricing Model(s): Monthly subscription fee

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation): Cloud

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):

  • Josef’s data centres are ISO 27001
  • All data at rest is encrypted using AES-256. All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2.
  • Josef uses best practice, secure coding guidelines and automated testing tools such as SAST and SCA.

Company Description:

Josef is a ‘next generation’ legal automation platform and an intuitive and engaging interface between lawyers and clients.

Josef enables lawyers to automate legal services and workflows on its no-coding-required platform; just click, type, drag and drop to create conversational legal bots. Josef’s workflow builder integrates with a powerful document automation editor, supporting the generation of personalised legal documents, like letters, agreements and forms.

Designed by lawyers, for lawyers, Josef is the legal automation platform for every lawyer to use in their day-to-day work. Josef works across the legal industry, from global top-tier commercial firms to personal injury firms to local community legal centres.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Josef is truly easy-to-use. Any lawyer, anywhere, can pick it up and start building; no training modules, no user manuals.  Lawyers know what their clients need; Josef gives them the platform to build it.

But Josef is not just a legal automation platform. The key to a tech-enabled legal industry is a client-centric approach, which is why Josef has built an engaging and intuitive conversational interface for clients to access digital legal products wherever and whenever they need them.


Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @joseflegal


Core Product(s):  Reception Bot, Paralegal Bot, and Legal Health Check Bot

Main Technology: Chatbot, NLP, ML

Key Use Cases:

Customer Engagement / Lead Conversion

Client Intake / Case Management

Legal Issue Triage / Diagnosis

HQ:  Vancouver, Canada

Other Offices: NA

Total Staff (approx.): 4

Year of Founding: 2016

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Beta, Initial Customers

CEO (or equiv): Tom Martin

CTO (or equiv): NA

Main external investors, if any:  Legal Services Corporation

Target Market: Lawyers and Law Firms

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate:  United States, Canada, Europe

Reference Clients:

Patrick Palace, Palace Law,

Megan Zavieh, Zavieh Law,

The Commons Law Center,

Pricing Model(s): Monthly recurring subscription

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):    Cloud-based

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other):  SSL, GDPR

Company Description:

LawDroid is a Legal AI company that creates useful bots to help legal professionals get more done in less time. Our clients include small and medium-sized law firms, legal aid organizations and enterprise legal companies. Founded in 2016, LawDroid is based in Vancouver, Canada with clients around the globe. A percentage of LawDroid’s revenues go to its “Justice Everywhere” initiative dedicated to eliminating the access to justice gap. LawDroid has been featured in Artificial Lawyer, Lawyerist, Forbes, and Above the Law. It is a member of the MaRS accelerator program and a Fastcase 50 winner.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

We help legal professionals eliminate the busy work with the help of AI and automation.

Main contact email:

Twitter (or other social media): @lawdroid

Neota Logic 

Core Product(s): Neota Logic System; automation software for legal services

Main Technology (e.g. NLP/ML; expert system): expert system, document & process automation and third-party ML processing through API, data analytics & visualisation

Key Use Cases (e.g. doc review; risk assessment, research): new case intake and analysis, triage and routing, document review automation, document assembly, e2e document lifecycle automation, legal self-service applications, automated compliance systems, multi-jurisdictional analysis.

Neota Logic workflow automation is an important component in the Neota Platform. It provides flexible tools with which very complex processes can be designed, delivered and administered. One of more Neota applications – each of which can use the full power of Neota Logic user interface development, reasoning and integration are built to define and implement the steps in the process.

Workflow is a sophisticated drag and drop product and the next incarnation of Neota’s “Products” functionality which allows users to link multiple applications together to create solutions that span parties and time periods. This effectively allows users to create automated Workflows that can, for example, create drafts of agreements, send internally or to third parties for review, negotiation, approval and execution.

HQ: New York

Other Offices: London, Melbourne

Total Staff (approx.): 70+

Year of Founding: 2009

Development Stage (e.g. Beta, fully operational): Fully operational

CEO (or equiv): John Lord

CTO (or equiv): Julian Uebergang, Howard Robinson

Main external investors, if any: NA

Target Market: General Counsel, Legal Operations, Law Firms, Tax Advisors, Audit and Accounting

Main Legal Jurisdictions in which you currently operate: All major markets.

Reference Clients: Refer to client announcements and success stories

Pricing Model(s): Monthly license fee for access to development tools and professional services.

Software Configuration (e.g. cloud; on-site installation):    Cloud in AWS and Azure (from Sept 2018)

Security Standards (e.g. ISO Cert, or other): All recognised standards are supported.

Company Description:

Neota is the world’s leading no-code automation platform for professional services. Our revolutionary app development software allows professionals to rapidly automate any aspect of your expert services and enjoy the benefits of improved productivity, client satisfaction and new opportunities. Neota offers its software and services to customers from its offices in New York, London and Melbourne.

What is your core product’s key selling point?

Neota Logic System (NLS) is a comprehensive platform for legal services automation, offering ‘no-code’ tools to automate expert legal reasoning, end-to-end processes and document lifecycle. NLS authoring tools allow for rapid prototyping and easy maintenance of applications along with ‘API’ integration with a wide variety of third-party AI and traditional technologies.

Twitter (or other social media): @NeotaLogic

Contact email: