Changing Legal is a new international think tank, that has launched to support the evolution of the legal sector. It focuses on three main areas:

  • moving beyond the time-based legal economy;
  • standard setting and data sharing;
  • and rethinking the means of legal production. 

Its founding members are from across the industry and are based in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. The Founding Board members of Changing Legal are:

  • Richard Tromans, Chair and Founder of Changing Legal, and Founder of Artificial Lawyer and TromansConsulting
  • Helena Hallgarn, Co-founder of Virtual Intelligence VQ and Vice-President of European Legal Technology Association
  • Sacha Kirk, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Lawcadia
  • Kelly Harbour, Director of Client Relations & Innovation at Goulston & Storrs and Director of Member Engagement for SALI Alliance
  • Mark Medice, Principal at LawVision
  • Patrick Fuller, VP & General Manager of ALM Intelligence
  • Lev Breydo, Adjunct Professor at Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law and Senior Advisor to New American Energy.

Its outlook is fundamentally global, as many jurisdictions are experiencing the same challenges and also may benefit from similar answers to those problems. Sharing ideas and solutions from around the world is central to the think tank’s approach. 

Also, it’s important to note that none of the areas the think tank is focused on are ‘new’, nor are they meant to be. The goal is to find ways out of the situation we are in by better understanding what prevents real change and then providing resources, and connecting people who do want to make change happen, to then make that change real. 

These three interlinked areas can be summed up as S, V, P – or Standards and Data Sharing; Value Beyond Time; and new Production methods. This is also why the logo for Changing Legal features a triangle, representing the three connected areas. 

The think tank seeks to support change by: 

  • Normalising the debate around systemic change in the legal market, moving it from an ‘academic’ debate to the centre ground. 
  • Connecting people, as we can learn much from each other’s experiences in tackling these issues
  • Building alliances and partnerships with other organisations, businesses and individuals, as part of forming a global movement to drive change across the legal market. 
  • Holding events and convening meetings of people and organisations (virtually, and in-person when allowed) that have shared goals, and want to learn from and inspire each other.
  • Produce and share thought leadership and industry data that can support those who want to make informed choices about moving in a new direction. 

If you would like to connect with and/or support Changing Legal’s projects, or learn more about the think tank, please see the website here. You are also very welcome to contact any members of the Board from across the world.

You are also welcome to contact the Chair:

We are keen to work with other organisations, and to connect everyone together who is interested in supporting change in these areas. And as mentioned, this will be a global endeavour, and there will be much to learn from each other. It will also be a long-term project. 

Note: all Board members are taking part in Changing Legal as individuals only, and aside from Richard Tromans do not necessarily represent their organisations.

Changing Legal

March, 2021.