ROSS's Andrew Arruda on the Bryan Cave Deal and the AI Pioneer's Goals

US law firm Bryan Cave announced recently that after trialling ROSS Intelligence’s AI-driven legal research system that they would be partnering full time with the legal tech pioneer.

The Missouri-based law firm, which now has offices across America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific, will integrate the research system across the firm, which will be part of a new initiative to leverage the latest legal tech called TechX.

The latest client win is another important step for ROSS, which has now built up a list of significant law firm clients that include: Latham & Watkins, Dentons, BakerHostetler and Womble Carlyle.

Artificial Lawyer asked ROSS CEO and co-founder, Andrew Arruda, what this latest client win meant and what was the long term goal of this pioneering AI company.

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Andrew Arruda, CEO, ROSS Intelligence

How important is this in terms of developing ROSS to have a major firm such as Bryan Cave sign up to a long-term partnership? 

Every partnership we make is very important as it allows us to ensure every AI we build/are building is doing something that is as impactful as possible.

This is a great partnership for us as Bryan Cave is a very clearly a leader when it comes to innovation in the legal space.

How much impact will this have on Bryan Cave in terms of the time saved on legal research? 

As with any firm or in-house team that becomes a partner of ours, Bryan Cave will immediately be able to start saving time on legal research, but more importantly, equip front-line practitioners with the ability to focus their energy and time on higher value work rather than being stuck in information retrieval workflows. This allows the firm to as competitive as ever while ensuring their lawyers can attain their professional potential quicker.

Technology for technology’s sake is not useful. At ROSS Intelligence we build AI systems to enhance the lawyers at our partner firms. ROSS systems aim to ensure lawyers equipped with ROSS technology can do more than ever before humanly possible.

Will this be mainly focused on bankruptcy law, or also other areas of law? 

We have already gone live with ROSS outside of bankruptcy law research and have also built out capacity outside of strict legal research with KM being something we are exploring with some of our partners already.

We see ourselves as THE artificial intelligence company in law, and although we started in research we are already building out an entire ecosystem of AIs which can enhance lawyers’ abilities in many ways.

Anywhere an AI in law can be built and enhance a lawyer’s abilities, ROSS Intelligence will be there, it’s all just a matter of time and hitting milestones, which we continue to do and with great partners like Bryan Cave, the future is very exciting.

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