Legal AI + Data Security

Kira Guarantees Confidentiality with Differential Privacy

23rd November 2020 artificiallawyer 0

Legal AI pioneer, Kira Systems, has become the first legal tech company – it believes – to develop a Differential Privacy capability which ensures that when clients share trained NLP models with others, confidential information cannot be discovered by ‘reverse engineering’ the software’s response to potentially sensitive documents.

Legal Tech + Japan

Japanese Firm Invests in Reynen Court, Signals Growth in Legal Tech Focus

23rd November 2020 artificiallawyer 0

In what appears to be a world first, a Japanese law firm – Nishimura & Asahi – has invested in a foreign legal tech company: in this case ‘app store’ Reynen Court. The move is far more significant than just the money the company will receive, and indicates a new level of interest in legal tech in Japan – the third largest economy in the world – but which has only recently started to show enthusiasm for integrating tech into legal work processes.

Product Walk Through

Think You Know Neota Logic? Think Again

23rd November 2020 artificiallawyer 0

Neota Logic has been part of the legal tech landscape for a decade now and has been evolving steadily. Today it is a multi-capability platform that goes far beyond the expert system applications it is perhaps best known for. Hence the question: Think you know Neota Logic? Think again.

Legal AI

Luminance Made £2.4m Revenue, With £5m Loss in 2019

19th November 2020 artificiallawyer 2

Legal AI doc analysis company, Luminance, has filed its accounts for 2019, showing that the fast growing company saw revenues last year of £2.356m, ($3.12m) – but also booked an operating loss of £5m ($6.62m). The figures paint a picture of successful global expansion, but also a business model that is rapidly burning through funding and generating only a modest average income per client.

Legal Tech Marketplace

How Does the Thomson Reuters Marketplace Work?

18th November 2020 artificiallawyer 1

Yesterday, Artificial Lawyer covered the news that Thomson Reuters had launched its own marketplace, which will promote not just products and templates built within the company, but also market other legal tech companies and the services of professional firms, such as KPMG. But how does it all work? Artificial Lawyer dug into the Terms & Conditions to find out.

Legal Data Sharing

IBA + Jus Mundi Launch Arbitration Data Sharing Initiative

18th November 2020 artificiallawyer 0

The International Bar Association (IBA) and legal tech company Jus Mundi have launched a worldwide collaborative partnership to collect non-confidential commercial arbitration awards and make them easily accessible to the global legal community, in what is an important data-sharing project.