Podcast: AI Uses Algorithms, But Not All Algorithms Use AI

‘AI uses algorithms, but not all algorithms use AI’

This is the second ‘I, Lawyer’ podcast Artificial Lawyer/TromansConsulting has done with Sweden’s leading legal tech writer, Fredrik Svärd, who runs the super-informative, Legaltech.se site.

In this approximately 30 minutes chat we knock around a few subjects, such as where legal AI as an industry has got to; how the use of algorithms does not always mean there is any AI involved; why AI may be the answer to removing bias rather than the cause of it, and much, much more.

We also give a special shout out to Lexpo, which is now just around the corner and will take place in Amsterdam 8 + 9 May 2017. Many thanks to Fred for organising and producing the podcast, which is below on Soundcloud.