iManage Releases Details of AI Integration with RAVN

US-based iManage has today announced the first integrations with the UK-based RAVN AI platform following their merger earlier this summer.

The company said it is delivering the RAVN AI capabilities in three key standalone products:

  • iManage Insight significantly improves professionals’ ability to find and leverage information stored across many separate repositories and locations. Knowledge Graph is a powerful feature that visually illustrates how a person is connected to various areas of interest as well as the many inter-relationships between data objects.
  • iManage Classify intelligently understands the nature of organizations’ documents and can identify, analyse, categorise and tag data turning it into a valuable and powerful business asset.


  • iManage Extract uses AI technology to automatically read, interpret and extract key information from unstructured data into a desired business output – like a human would do but much faster and with less chance of human error.

Additionally, iManage Extract offers a self-service feature enabling clients to develop custom solutions quicker and speed up the data extraction process. In-house teams can also develop customised RAVN applications. iManage Work 10.1, available in October, will also support the RAVN enterprise search engine.

All in all, this is fast work in terms of integrating two businesses that always had a very synergistic shared position. One had the data and the means of managing it, the other had the best means of analysing that data and creating additional value from it. 

Dan Carmel, Chief Marketing Officer, iManage, said: ‘iManage has become the emerging platform on which professionals get work done. Integrating the RAVN AI engine with iManage Work Product Management harnesses the power of advanced analytics to help organizations increase margins, improve efficiency, eradicate human error and mitigate risks. With iManage, users can work more productively, work smarter and work safer.’

In other news, RAVN’s former CEO and more recently its CSO, Peter Wallqvist, has now become VP of Strategy at iManage.