Legal AI Roundup: Feat. iManage/RAVN, Axiom, ROSS vs CaseText

Monday was heavy with big news stories about legal AI applications. Tuesday also saw some announcements, which Artificial Lawyer has briefly outlined below. First up, iManage/RAVN.

iManage/RAVN Comes to Market With Fruits of Their Merger

iManage announced that it has finished work on a new iteration of its extraction tool, built on RAVN’s AI tech. The details are set out below:

  • iManage Extract 3, an enhanced version of its award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) data extraction application.

o    Enhancements in iManage Extract 3 include rapid self-training, which enables users to train iManage Extract 3 to locate and analyse content from documents and datasets relevant to their specific needs, without dependence on AI experts.

o    This enhancement helps organisations speed development and deployment of new data extraction applications, speeding the automation of tasks across the enterprise.

They’ve also created a new version of Insight, now version 10, which they say offers ‘next generation enterprise search and knowledge management’. Its key features are:

o    Using RAVN AI technology, Insight 10 unlocks knowledge contained in enterprise content, by enabling universal search to identify relevant content regardless of location.

o    For example, the product’s Insight Knowledge Graph surfaces connections between people, expertise and knowledge to identify hidden experts, related projects and relevant clients.

All well and good. Perhaps not Earth-shattering, but then, as previous interviews with RAVN co-founder, Peter Wallqvist, have explained, the merger with iManage was not intended to create a massive revolution overnight, but was – at least at the beginning – focused on integrating the DMS tech of one company with the AI review and extraction capabilities of the other.

These developments had to happen first and if they didn’t then the merger would not make much sense. So, this is a very positive step. However, Artificial Lawyer hopes that the development path is now clear for more market-shifting AI tech.

Axiom Creates an AI Doc Review Platform for Its Clients

Alternative legal services provider, Axiom, which for some time has worked with Kira Systems and other tech companies, has launched a legal AI doc review platform, it says.

The company notes that:

  • ‘The platform couples AI-driven analysis with business intelligence capabilities, allowing users to visualise data and derive insights from a single source.
  • Actionable insights allow legal, procurement, sales, corporate development and other stakeholders to identify risks and synergies earlier in the deal process, making transactions more valuable to shareholders.’

There was a slight delay in reporting this as it was not immediately clear who was providing the AI tech behind this offering, which is understandably a key factor here. This morning, Axiom has got back to say the following:

The Contracts Intelligence Platform solution was developed in-house at Axiom using internally engineered capability in conjunction with third party tools such as Kira.’

‘This is an end-to-end platform for efficiently converting contracts into structured data enabling us to deliver tools and services to our clients that deliver critical insights from the contracts we reviewed,’ they added.

It’s still not entirely clear where 3rd party AI input begins and ends here, but perhaps the best way of looking at this is to say that Axiom has created a new user interface, AKA platform, that allows clients to exploit the capabilities of Kira and other legal AI companies.

Whatever the exact specifics, clients seem to be happy about it. Here’s one customer’s reaction:

Andrew Shaw, Assistant General Counsel and Commercial Lead, INC Research, now Syneos Health, said: ‘Axiom’s approach to contract analysis applied AI-powered technology to surface the most important clauses in the highest-value commercial agreements so a skilled reviewer could prioritize their time in the right places. Axiom’s technology, the Axiom Contracts Intelligence Platform, helped our team analyse and compare provisions across the two entities faster and at a lower cost than the status quo alternative.’

ROSS Intel and CaseText Have a Legal AI Duel…Almost

Earlier this week, ROSS Intelligence, most well known for its legal research tool that covers areas such as US bankruptcy law, among others, surprised the market by announcing it had created a case analysis tool called EVA, that was not a million miles away from the one that CaseText has.

The announcement promptly triggered a friendly and good natured showdown between the two companies that saw each one show how they handled case analysis on their systems.

The ensuing duel was not that bloody in the end and appeared to be more of a compare and contrast session, with the conclusion that both systems, while having some overlap, are different and that both have different and distinct benefits for the user. So, the result was a happy draw and both sides went away in peace. (You can watch the duel here, which Bob Ambrogi posted on Facebook. Thanks, Bob!)

And, if you are wondering what EVA does then here is a very quick overview provided by ROSS:

One: ‘Whether you need a second pair of eyes on your work, or have just received a brief from opposing counsel, all you have to do is drag and drop a brief into EVA.’

Two: ‘In seconds, EVA will provide a comprehensive and hyperlinked list of cases cited in the brief which have received negative treatments.’

Three: ‘Highlight sections of a case which discuss issues of importance to your research, and EVA will return other jurisprudence which has analyzed the same question of law.’

Four: ‘Painlessly summarise the entire facts of a case, contextualised to your substantive question of law, with the click of a button.’

Five: ‘Enjoy access to unlimited search for American case law, either by case name or citation, at every stage of your research journey.’

So, there you go. Artificial Lawyer will keep you posted as more legal AI news arrives.