iManage/RAVN Extends ML Security Capabilities to Thompson & Knight

iManage/RAVN has announced that US law firm Thompson & Knight has chosen the DMS/legal AI company to provide it with digital security machine learning capabilities.

In a company statement, iManage/RAVN said that Thompson & Knight will deploy two iManage applications – iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Threat Manager – to protect critical client information.

iManage Security Policy Manager will manage ‘ethical walls’, segment data and enforce the firm’s need-to-know security policies.

Meanwhile, the other application, iManage Threat Manager will guard the firm against internal and external threats by using machine learning and adaptive behavioral modeling to detect anomalous behaviour patterns. iManage Security Policy Manager and iManage Threat Manager are completely integrated with the wider iManage Work platform.

The machine learning capability is one of several benefits delivered by the merger last year with UK-based AI company, RAVN.

John Barney, Chief Information Officer, Thompson & Knight: said: ‘We continue to make strategic investments in technology designed to further protect our clients’ data. Adding iManage’s state-of-the art security applications will be extremely valuable for us in this endeavour.’

‘We already rely heavily on iManage Work for document management and now iManage’s Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager will deliver the functionality our clients and our internal risk and compliance teams demand without compromising attorney productivity. Combining all of these features from a single vendor is a huge advantage,’ he added.

Dan Carmel, Chief Marketing Officer, iManage, concluded: ‘The unique challenge facing professional services firms is protecting sensitive client information to higher and higher standards without intruding on the work of the professionals who interact with that information every day. By tightly integrating security and governance with core productivity applications, iManage has created a unique and seamless way to work that is as secure as it is enabling.’