Legal AI Litigation Data Co. Gavelytics Expands Into San Francisco

Los Angeles-based, legal AI litigation data analysis company, Gavelytics, has today announced that its proprietary database now extends into San Francisco County Superior Court, which it calls ‘the legal epicenter of one of the most significant business and technology markets in the world’.

Gavelytics founder and CEO Rick Merrill, said of the move: ‘San Francisco litigators now join their LA counterparts in adding a powerful tool to their litigation toolbox. Judicial analytics is helping California litigators make better decisions, win more motions and achieve positive outcomes for their clients.’

The move follows the news last month that the company had closed a $3.2m funding round from prominent Southern California investors, including the backers of Legal Zoom and Qualcomm.

Gavelytics’ AI-powered litigation data analysis platform provides lawyers with ‘actionable data regarding judges’ individual behaviors and tendencies’.

The company said that this behaviour-modelling capability empowers litigators to: ‘Keep their clients better apprised of potential motion and case outcomes; write briefs customized to specific judges; adjust settlement posture based on anticipated rulings; and develop new business by showcasing unique expertise and foresight.’

The company added that Gavelytics has identified which San Francisco judges are most likely to grant motions to compel discovery (along with another 100-plus types of motions), ‘enabling the modern litigator to aggressively steer discovery practice to benefit her client’.