Chinese Law Firm Brings in Diligen’s AI Tech Due to Lack of Lawyers

Canadian legal AI company, Diligen, has won BN Lawyers, the Macau law firm, as a client for its machine learning and NLP technology. At the same time, the Toronto-based AI team has also launched a new API that is aimed at widening the use cases for its automated review technology.

Interestingly, the BN Lawyers firm said that one of the key drivers for adopting AI technology was a lack of trained lawyers in the Special Administrative Region of Macau (pictured above) to handle process tasks.

In a statement, Diligen said: ‘With the inability to hire more people, BN Lawyers has turned to technology to automate the otherwise time-consuming, but critical, areas of the business such as client on boarding, project management and contract review and analysis.’

Bruno Nunes, Practicing Attorney at BN Lawyers, added: ‘Law firms [here] literally cannot hire more bodies to increase their capacity. The talent shortage has limited this opportunity. Yet there’s still a critical need for more speed and efficiency to get the job done. We continue to invest extensively in technology to offer new and improved client service in ways that our competition simply can’t.’

Konrad Pola, Co-Founder and CEO of Diligen, added: ‘Customers around the world are experiencing similar pain points when it comes to manual contract review. AI represents a fundamental shift in the way lawyers and legal firms can tackle this while finding new opportunities to become more customer centric.’

BN Lawyers is a Macau law firm that provides legal advisory services to the gaming, intellectual property, corporate and real estate sectors. It was founded in 2006 and also an office in Lisbon, Portugal.

Meanwhile, the AI company has also today launched its Diligen Insight API, which is designed to allow a wider number of use cases.

The company said that two additional use cases, beyond M&A doc review, that it could see using its AI review technology for via the API were: reviewing board documents, such as where teams look for subjects that recur in Board level documents like meeting minutes; as well as reviewing IPO prospectuses and securities documents.