‘Future Lawyer Summit’ – Special Offer for Artificial Lawyer Readers

There are plenty of legal tech conferences, but one that Artificial Lawyer makes an effort to attend is the Future Lawyer Summit.

The event is in London on the 29 May and as the conference Chair, Daniel Pollick, former Director of Business Transformation at DLA Piper says, it brings together a smorgasbord of experts and audience members with a focus on legal tech, innovation, project management and more.

Pollick adds that: ‘The Future Lawyer Summit occupies a unique niche in the legal conference calendar, bringing together representatives from all professional disciplines in our industry for a day of learning, discussion and networking. The event is a reflection of what is happening in our industry, as the traditional silos are broken down and replaced by multidisciplinary teams focused on innovation in the practice of law.

Our encouragement to you this year is to seek out and build your network of relationships with professionals from outside your own specialism: IT people find marketers, HR professionals seek out KM people, risk specialists find heads of innovation. There will be plenty of material at the FLS to get the debating juices flowing:

  • The systems known to some, but mystery to most – what are the realities of AI?
  • Is GDPR going to be a year 2000-style ‘Y2K’ damp squib or is it going to change the way we handle data (including email) forever?
  • What can we learn from recent vivid illustrations of the cyber risks faced by the industry?
  • Can technology create genuinely sticky supplier/customer relationships?
  • Should we focus on the reluctant front office or the unsexy back office in our process modernisation efforts?
  • And are the accountants coming (again)?’

Artificial Lawyer’s Richard Tromans will also be chairing the first major panel of the day on the nitty gritty of legal AI implementation and what its use really means in practical terms for a law firm. This will hopefully be a no-BS discussion that really gets to grips with substantive issues around legal work automation via AI technology.

Speakers on the panel include: Emily Foges, CEO of legal AI company LuminanceVictoria Duxbury, Knowledge Development Lawyer, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner; and Marco Imperiale, Innovation Officer, LCA Law Firm.

And, last but not least, Artificial Lawyer readers can now benefit from an exclusive 35% discount across all tickets by quoting the code: AL35. Tickets can be purchased here – or via Eventbrite.

Hope to see you all there!