Podcast: GDPR + the Convergence of Legal Tech + Legal Design

This is a podcast on the subject of legal tech and legal design, inspired by the recent coming into force of GDPR regulation on the use of personal data.

Guest speaker, Richard Mabey, CEO of AI-powered legal document management company, Juro, talks to Fredrik Svärd, Founder of Legaltech.se, and Richard Tromans, Founder of Artificial Lawyer and Tromans Consulting, about how his company approached designing a new privacy policy for his legal tech business and what lessons can be learned from applying legal design principles.

The podcast also gets into some of the broader social issues around legal design and the peculiar fact that the law’s main means of engaging with society, i.e. a text-based contract or policy agreement, is a ‘communication’ in which the party receiving the ‘message’ generally cannot fully understand what is being said to them (unless also a lawyer), or what they are being asked to agree to, or how that might affect them…which is an odd way for a society to operate.

The podcast was recorded on G-Day, 25th May, and was produced by Legaltech.se. It is shared here with Fred’s kind permission. It runs for approx. 40 mins. Enjoy!