World’s Largest Law Firm, Dentons, Picks HighQ Collaboration Platform

Legal data collaboration company HighQ has announced that Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, is adopting the company’s intelligent work platform.

The company said that by leveraging HighQ’s platform this will ‘improve collaboration, productivity and [the] client experience’ at Dentons.

Of particular significance is the fact that the legal data collaboration system will be used throughout all of Dentons’ many international offices. If you include all the offices listed by Dentons’ network then you reach a total of 158 bases according to Wikipedia, spread across 73 countries. One can certainly see why the firm’s more than 7,700 lawyers – and their clients – needed a reliable collaboration platform to work through.

Scott Saundry, Dentons Global Chief Digital Officer, said: ‘Our clients’ digital experience is core to our value proposition, and we are delighted to be partnering with HighQ.’

Paul Hunt, HighQ’s Chief Revenue Officer, added: ‘HighQ is extremely honoured to add a firm with Dentons’ reputation to our list of clients, and we are privileged to be a part of their innovation strategy for serving clients. We look forward to being a part of their effort to continue strengthening client relationships using our platform as they deliver exceptional legal counsel around the globe.’

The move follows the launching by HighQ of a new offering that it hopes will become ‘the natural interface for multiple AI engines’, called the AI Hub (see story here).

The AI Hub allows HighQ’s AI functionality and supported third-party AI engines to be integrated seamlessly into processes and workflows within its platform.

HighQ has already integrated with leading legal AI doc review company, Kira Systems. This enables clients to push documents from HighQ into Kira for NLP analysis. The two companies have also collaborated in Australia last year, along with Neota Logic and leading law firm, Allens, to build a new AI-driven property tool (see story here) which relies heavily on collaboration and sharing data from one application to another as value and insights are added and generated.

Meanwhile, Dentons is no stranger to legal tech adoption, having created a tech development platform called Nextlaw Labs, based in the US (see feature from 2016 here), plus an associated legal tech investment vehicle, Nextlaw Ventures. Some of its investments include: ROSS Intelligence and fellow legal AI company, Beagle.