Legal AI Co. LexPredict Launches New UI To Widen User Base

Legal AI company, LexPredict, has launched a new User Interface (UI) for its ContraxSuite NLP/ML platform to make it easier for a broader range of people, especially those who are not tech experts, to use the system.

LexPredict took the radical step for a doc review company of open sourcing its software, something few other commercial legal AI businesses have done. In part this was based on the idea that tech experts would be able to make use of this software themselves inside law firms and corporates and build what they wanted. The company would then also provide consulting and additional tech help when needed by these teams.

While many legal data and IT teams were more than happy to make use of this system in that way,  the company had not initially focused as much on having a very user-friendly UI that non-experts would feel as comfortable with. This new UI therefore is significant in that it represents a development in the growth strategy of the company.

‘While the existing ContraxSuite user interface will still serve as the interface for our data scientist community, the new UI is designed to serve the needs of a much broader community of users,‘ said the company in a statement, which is run by Michael Bommarito, Dan Katz, Jillian Bommarito, and Eric Detterman.

The customisable structure of the new ContraxSuite User Interface allows ‘non-programmer power users‘ to solve a wide variety of custom data extraction scenarios without a major time investment in custom development. they added.

Among the forthcoming new features of the ContraxSuite User Interface is a custom clustering tool for grouping documents so that users can get a quick, visual aid to help them begin understanding large, otherwise unstructured ‘batches’ of documents.

While initially available only as a propietary toolkit, interest in ContraxSuite has grown since its announcement last year when they open-sourced the software. Various implementations of ContraxSuite are deployed across the legal industry, including at a number of AM 100 law firms and Fortune 100 corporate legal departments.