Legal AI Platformisation Continues with Diligen/QRX Data Partnership

Legal AI company Diligen has partnered with data storage company QRX Technology Group in another example of platformisation, i.e. data store/collaboration companies getting together with the AI companies capable of extracting insights from all that legal information.

Such deals make sense not just because it’s highly useful to integrate data storage and data analysis, but because the legal data store companies usually have very large and well-developed client bases, as they’ve been around a lot longer than the AI companies.

QRX has been a national provider of print management and data storage solutions serving top corporations, institutions and government since 1989.

It now has more than half of the law firms in Canada as clients, and it will be able to automate and speed up the manual and tedious process of analysing documents while maintaining high standards of accuracy and quality, via its use of Diligen.

In short, a triple win: happy clients, more value delivered by QRX and access to more clients for Diligen.

David Vyse, QRX’s Director of Document Workflow Solutions, said: :The AI system available through our partnership with Diligen will serve key customer needs now and into the future. Our customers can easily leverage machine learning capabilities to enhance a legacy solution within their current infrastructure and quickly realize the benefits of AI to make the data within their contracts more useable. Using this system, customers can rapidly identify and extract key information in hundreds or thousands of documents.;

 Laura van Wyngaarden, Co-Founder and COO of Toronto-Based Diligen, concluded: ‘QRX has been in the document business for more than 30 years and is prioritizing its services and solutions around the areas of document security, document management, document workflow, and automation. The partnership is a natural extension of the Diligen product, helping legal customers gain better insights into their documents.’