Legal Geek – Photo Montage (Part 2)

…and here is part two of the Legal Geek photo montage, following in a kind of chronological order.

David Howorth of legal tech co. Avvoka getting stuck into some Legal Geek nourishment.
Catherine Krow, from US-based cost management startup, Digitory Legal, talking about legal tech implementation and engagement.
One of Catherine’s slides: give lawyers an incentive to be part of tech on-boarding projects.
Shmuli Goldberg of legal AI co. LawGeex: Don’t Buy Legal tech – understand the problem you are trying to solve, then figure out what is the best solution for this.
Stuart Barr of HighQ, talking about ‘digital Lego’ and the need to think about legal tech solutions in terms of supporting flexibility and adaptability.
One of Stuart’s slides about digital Lego. ‘Put the power into the hands of the users.’
One of Al Giles’ slides, from Axiom – guaranteed to upset the traditionalists…. 🙂
Richard Goold of EY interviews Emily Foges, CEO of legal AI co. Luminance.
Shruti Ajitsaria, Fuse director at Allen & Overy, meets A2J tech / blockchain hero, Stevie Ghiassi. Is it time for A&O to have a blockchain startup in the incubator…?
Anthony Vigneron of Clifford Chance is interviewed by Steve Caughey of the National Innovation Centre for Data on the subject of legal data.
Maeve Lavelle of Neota Logic and Grainne Bryan of leading Irish law firm, McCann FitzGerald, talking about legal tech educational collaborations with universities, Neota is now working with many unis, including the Universities of Limerick, Manchester and South Bank, London.
Jonathan Patterson of DWF Ventures talking about the challenges of legal tech deployment – and speaking from first hand experience.
From Canada with hockey and legal tech: Chris Bentley and Hersh Perlis on Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone’s great work in this space.
The North America Squad ! (Slightly out of chronology here…but), L to R – Noah from Kira, Haley Altman from Doxly, Christian Lang – New York’s legal tech star, and Nicole Bradick, US legal engineer, Founder of Theory and Principle. (Note….Alma Asay is not this photo…. 🙂
A great slide from Nicole Bradick on legal design about how a simple court document was so badly designed it made people not turn up to court. So, they redesigned it and attendance at court rose by 36%. Legal design at work!

OK……just realised I have a lot more photos to show you all, but I’ve got to get something else done today… 🙂  I may have missed some people – which given there were about 2,000 people at Legal Geek, is possibly a few…Plus of course, the Legal Design event is still going on today (Thursday).

So, here are a last couple to round off what happened yesterday.

Paul Neo, from Singapore, talking about FLIP and the nation’s massive project to advance its legal market and help it to adapt to the new wave of legal technology… tech adoption on a national level….what a project!
These guys had a really good time! Nick Watson of Ruby Datum and Timo from Cosmonauts.

Last pic:

So, a last pic, in this case, from up-and-coming document automation platform, Contract Mill, with a little advisory support….L to R: me, Kaisa Kromhof – Contract Mill, Catherine Bamford, CEO and Founder of BAM Legal, Hannele Korhonen – Contract Mill, and Heikki Ilvessalo, CEO of Ilvessolutions in Finland.

That’s all folks!

P.S. There’s been a shed-load of news and bits and bobs to report on over the last couple of days. I’ll try and do a wrap up piece tomorrow to cover it all.

Thanks again to Jimmy at Legal Geek for an amazing event. And a big thank you to all the people who said hello and came to have a chat! You are all helping to change the legal world and the means of legal production, Artificial Lawyer salutes you! 

[ All pics: R. Tromans, Oct, 2018. ]