HighQ Integrates With iDefendo For Blockchain IP System

Legal data collaboration system, HighQ, has integrated with iDefendo, a blockchain startup focused on IP matters (see feature on iDefendo on Artificial Lawyer here.)

HighQ clients can now use iDefendo to automatically log all file-related events (uploads, new versions and so on) for files and documents that are securely stored on the HighQ platform. For all logged events, iDefendo creates Digital Witnesses through blockchain technology. These witnesses are collated in Evidence Binders that can be downloaded if users need to prove anything related to the files they store in HighQ.

If a question of document ownership arises, the Digital Witnesses provided by iDefendo serves to validate copyright claims, stated intentions, ownership of IP and contractual agreements, saving the business legal costs, said the companies.

HighQ has been building partnerships and integrations with a growing number of other legal tech companies, but this is one of the first it has linked with that is primarily a blockchain-based solution.

Martin Rohde, HighQ’s strategic partner manager for EMEA, said: ‘This partnership with iDefendo continues our efforts to offer HighQ clients easy access to top-tier solutions for every aspect of their legal work. iDefendo gives HighQ users an unmatched tool in the marketplace to confidently send and protect files associated with intellectual property.’

Peter Jidesten, co-founder and CEO of iDefendo, added: ‘With iDefendo, businesses can prove ownership of their ideas and content and provide a ‘Digital Witness’ to prove that a document existed and that actions were taken at a specific time. We consider HighQ a leading tool in the cloud-based collaborative software space, and this partnership creates the opportunity for iDefendo to be utilised by high-value clients. We are really excited to launch our service on the HighQ platform, and are looking forward to seeing how iDefendo will be used in that setting.’