AI Co. Diligen Wins Major Business Boost With Lex Mundi Deal

Legal AI company, Diligen, has seen Christmas come early with a massive marketing win in the shape of a partnership with one of the world’s leading – and largest – global networks, Lex Mundi.

The Toronto-based AI company, which has a focus on doc review, announced today that it would be formally associated with the Lex Mundi group of leading law firms, which has 160 member firms, with over 21,000 lawyers in total dotted around the world. Diligen’s AI software will now be ‘offered’ to the member firms as part of the agreement.

Lex Mundi is regarded as one of the most respected and well-known networks of this type, and one of the few that has a memorable brand name. Having a ‘special relationship’ with this group could – potentially – see a significant increase in the use of Diligen among a wide range of law firms.

Lex Mundi member firms Jankovic, Popovic & Mitic (JPM) and Simpson Grierson conducted a pilot of the AI tech before the decision was made.

JPM estimated that the technology provided their review team with average time-savings of 25% and sometimes cut hours by 30% to 40% depending on the number, structure, and complexity of documents.

JPM’s Managing Director, Nemanja Stepanovic said: ‘Technology in the legal field now has the ability to help us achieve greater efficiency, completing review in less time and at a competitive price. It saved us time and cut labor, at times allowing us to do in five days what used to take two weeks.’

Konrad Pola, Co-Founder and CEO of Diligen, concluded: ‘As a former practicing lawyer, I saw a big opportunity to help law firms overcome some of the manual processes and procedures that often hindered their ability to differentiate. AI enhances the work that lawyers do so that they can get back to practicing law in a more strategic way.’