World Legal Summit, A ‘United Nations’ For Tech Regulation

A new organisation, the World Legal Summit (WLS), is seeking to create a global regulatory framework for the use and future development of transformative technology, from AI and automation, to smart contracts and blockchain, and more.

While the main focus won’t be just legal tech, the input will be heavily informed by legal, regulatory and ethics experts. One could see this as a type of ‘United Nations’ approach to global technology regulation. It is hoped that it will attract input from regulatory and tech ethics initiatives around the world, leading to collaboration and some form of global understanding on key issues.

Aileen Schultz, Founder and President, World Legal Summit – who readers will remember helped to organise the Global Legal Hackathon last year – said: ‘Now, like never before we live in a time where truly global collaboration is not only possible but a reality.’

‘The World Legal Summit is intended to foster this worldwide collaboration around the topics of legislative transformation, in so far as it pertains to the governance and regulation of emerging technologies that have influence toward global systems. The intent is to facilitate the better development of these technologies for the sustainability of our globally interconnected future,’ she added.

The WLS will hold two decentralised events in 2019 to develop ‘the legislative frameworks needed for the sustainable evolution of technology, and emergent global systems’.

The first event will cover ‘Research and Understanding’ on August 1, 2019, followed by an ‘Informed Development’ global event on Sept 7-9. This second event will aim to build on the August meeting and seek to bring ‘the legal industry together with technologists and doers for the rapid development of technologies that already are or could contribute to better global systems’.

Other members of the organisation include, Daniel Araya: Senior Partner and Ginevra Saylor: Senior Fellow. The project has garnered interest from the UK, Singapore, Australia, and the US already.

If you would like to know more, or get involved in some way, including acting as an ‘Ambassador’ for the project, please contact: 

Some of the current ambassadors include, the well-known Australian legal consultant, George Beaton; Robin Moe, Legal technology Consultant at Deloitte in Sweden; Juan Carlos Luna, Founder of the Lawit Group in Texas, USA; and, Linda Bonyo, a Tech Lawyer at Lawyers Hub in Kenya, to name a few.

Some of the legal market experts involved so far…