Dentons Launches Neuroscience-Led ‘NextTalent’ – But What Is It?

Global legal services business, Dentons, has launched a new talent development programme called NextTalent, which states it will be ‘leveraging insights from neuroscience, behavioural economics, and new technology that is powering the fourth industrial revolution‘.

So, what does that mean?

Artificial Lawyer has asked the firm to try and clarify, but what it perhaps means is that they will try to track and record the data on what its lawyers and other staff do at the firm, what they’re good at, what they want etc and maybe make models? Don’t know.

How this involves the fourth industrial revolution and neuroscience is anyone’s guess right now.

To help clear things up a bit, Joe Andrew, Global Chairman of Dentons, said in an earlier statement: ‘The fourth industrial revolution is connecting digitization, neuroscience, and human behavioral insights. NextTalent recognizes that to assist people to meet their professional aspirations it is more important to develop our talent than it is the tools our talent uses.’

While Elliott Portnoy, Global CEO of Dentons, added: ‘NextTalent will be a personalized and data-driven approach which will help us become the ‘talent titan’ in the same way we have been recognized as a ‘technology titan’.’

Yep….AL is no wiser either…….any road, check out what the firm says below in its Q&A. It may very well be really impressive, but right now there is no way of knowing.

NextTalent Q&A

Why are you launching NextTalent?

  • There is a need to rethink how talent is developed within professional services and law firms.
  • The capabilities needed to be successful, deliver in a changed and changing world and profession, along with technology advances, have evolved.
  • The legal profession is becoming increasingly stressful and we need to address these challenges.

What will NextTalent do?

  • NextTalent brings together Dentons’ focus on innovation and high performance, with behavioral science and the capability needs for the digital era.
  • By leveraging insights from neuroscience, behavioral economics, and new technology that is powering the fourth industrial revolution, Dentons is developing its people in new ways.
  • NextTalent will operate as a skunkworks, gathering the best practices across Dentons in order to share them with others.

What makes NextTalent different?

  • Importantly, NextTalent is underpinned with a skunkworks mindset – experimenting and testing solutions across the firm.
  • NextTalent will support individual development; apply behavioral research; leverage leading programs from around our firm and bring new support and development opportunities.