Legal AI’s European Climb Continues as Swiss Firm Picks Luminance

Switzerland, home to snow-capped mountains, nice watches, private bank accounts….and now lawyers making use of legal AI technology for doc review. Yes, the lawyers of Europe’s most independent nation have welcomed in NLP and ML technology, in this case the law firm of Kellerhals Carrard.

The firm will now be making use of Luminance’s technology, which continues its winning streak of picking up literally dozens of European law firms. It also happens to be the company’s first client in Switzerland.

The firm said that it conducted a trial of the technology by using Luminance to organise and analyse 700 multi-lingual documents within a data room. They added that Kellerhals Carrard’s legal team were able to tag new clauses and concepts in English, French, German and Italian, as the lawyers worked away on the review tasks, which were then embedded into the system for future use.

I.e. the more you use it, the more knowledge is embedded into the AI system, so, it should, in theory get better and better.

Edgar Philippin, Partner at Kellerhals Carrard and Professor of Law at the University of Lausanne, said: ‘We are committed to finding and embracing innovative technologies that enhance the quality of our legal services. [The technology] allowed the deal team to conduct a quicker, more focused review within hours of installing the system, meaning the technology will not replace the work of our lawyers, but help them during time-pressured, multi-lingual M&A deals.’

While, Jean-Rodolphe Fiechter, also a partner at the firm, told Artificial Lawyer: ‘For a law firm operating throughout Switzerland and dealing with international matters, it was essential to have a tool able to meet our corporate clients’ needs to deliver more for less.’

So, there you go. Using AI tech has well and truly spread across Western Europe now and is climbing new heights.