India Rivalry As Firms of Famous Split Pick Competing AI Providers

In an unusual turn of events, the two rival firms born out of the splitting up of one of India’s leading legal dynasties have also chosen rival legal AI companies. Shardul Armarchand Mangaldas & Co (SAM) has announced it will be using Luminance. Meanwhile, its rival Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (CAM) is known to be working closely with Kira Systems.

Both firms came from the previously well-known Indian legal business Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co, which ‘split into two after a dispute emerged between the two managing partners of the firm’.

CAM has been keen to publicise its interest in legal AI technology and has built a deep relationship with Canada-based Kira. Meanwhile, its sibling rival, SAM, has now picked Luminance. And, in keeping with a good dynastic epic, Kira and Luminance are generally seen in the market to be the two legal AI companies most in competition with each other.

If anyone was ever to make a movie about legal AI companies and their rivalry, this could perhaps be an interesting backdrop. Artificial Lawyer is happy to provide a script, should producers be found to fund the movie.

But…back to reality. As one would expect, SAM is using Luminance for M&A doc review. It’s also an important client win for the UK-based company in the Asian market.

Sayantan Dutta and Manjari Tyagi, Partners at SAM, said: ‘We take a dynamic approach to practising law and are highly impressed with the powerful technology, intuitive platform and value based commercial model that Luminance encompasses. We look forward to seeing how using Luminance will continue to transform the way we conduct document review.’

And, Emily Foges, CEO of Luminance, added: ‘Luminance is proud to be associated with Shardul Armarchand Mangaldas & Co.’

(Picture: traditional Indian martial arts with swords.)