HaystackID eDiscovery Links With Authenticity.AI For Auto Translation

eDiscovery firm HaystackID has announced a strategic partnership with Authenticity.AI, to deliver AI-enabled language translation in review tasks.

Authenticity has a focus on using machine learning techniques for transcription and translation. Perhaps more scarily, the company also says it has developed powerful facial recognition software and also is interested in ‘surveillance’. But, let’s not hold that against this partnership, which could be interesting.

The company said that they can achieve ‘translation accuracy rates of 80+% when optimised’ and that  this means ‘users [can] move into foreign language review faster and with more confidence than provided by traditional human or [other] machine language translation processes’.

Mike McDonald, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Authenticity.AI, said: ‘Authencity.AI allows law firms and legal departments to translate documents from hundreds of languages into review project appropriate languages in native document formats…..so legal discovery professionals can now move quickly away from the logistics of foreign language reviews into the objectives of the reviews.’

Seth Schechtman, Managing Director of Review Services for HaystackID, added: ‘The ability to review legal documents unconstrained by language and location requirements provides our customers the freedom to focus on objectives rather than logistics in the review phase of discovery.’

‘With Authenticity.AI partnering with HaystackID and enabling our machine language document translations, we already see the impact of AI in foreign language translations. An impact that is saving our customers time and money in the critical race for evidence and truth in legal reviews, regardless of language,’ he concluded.

In other expansion news, this January HaystackID acquired eTERA Consulting, a leading eDiscovery managed services company.