Podcast: Designing for Death, Rewriting Wills – Dan Garrett, Farewill

Today’s podcast is an interview with Dan Garrett, CEO and co-founder of Farewill, the online service that helps you to write your will, and a pioneer in the lesser known field of DeathTech. In fact, Farewill is now the biggest will writer in the UK. They also help people with probate.

Despite the slightly morbid theme, it’s a fascinating story and goes right to the heart of customer-focused design and using a digital platform to help people with one of the few legal issues everyone faces: how do I make a will?

>>>Designing for Death, Rewriting Wills With Dan Garrett, Farewill – It’s about 25 minutes. Enjoy.


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As well we have include information about how you include donations in your will and what is the best way to handle this procedure.

We’ve already got several more lined up and have received a lot of requests from people to interview them for this podcast. We look forward to bringing you more great insights into the world of legal tech and innovation in the weeks and months ahead.

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