Podcast: DIY Law – Solving SME Legal Needs With Sparqa

Today’s podcast is an interview with Andrew Thornton, CEO and co-founder of Sparqa – an online platform providing legal guidance and automated documents for small businesses.

Andrew is also a barrister at Erskine Chambers, angel investor and serial entrepreneur. He’s also a co-founder of FromCounsel the legal data research platform  that uses a Q&A approach.

It’s a very entertaining listen and a great insight into the journey of an entrepreneur. It also covers some very relevant issues facing the legal world, namely how can legal technology support the SME sector?

>>> ‘DIY Law: Solving SME Legal Needs With Sparqa‘ is about 25 minutes. Enjoy.


About the Interviewer, Luke Martin-Fuller

Luke read Law at Cambridge University and went on to train and qualify at global law firm, Linklaters. He has a strong interest in technology and how it interacts with legal practice. He now works with Nakhoda, the firm’s internal technology and AI start-up.

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