Beyond Traditional Expert Systems – The Neota Logic Difference

Beyond Traditional Expert Systems – The Neota Logic Difference

[This is an Advertising Feature by Neota Logic.]

There are plenty of ‘Expert Systems’ on the market today, but it’s important that law firms and legal departments find tools that fully meet their needs rather than choosing a solution that only partially fulfils their objectives.

Neota Logic is an award-winning, no-code AI automation platform that provides professionals with a wide range of easy-to-use tools to rapidly and seriously build applications that automate any aspect of their services and is completely bespoke to their business objectives.

A single platform combining expertise, workflow and document automation:

The demand for professional services is deeper and broader than it’s ever been but how can organizations deliver their expertise in time and in a costly manner? Organisations can reinvent how professional services are delivered and consumed utilising the Neota platform by delivering cost-effective guidance, 24/7, to thousands of people across their enterprise and their clients.

Process Automation

Expertise automation and document automation challenges and opportunities most often arise in the context of a business process. Completing a task, delivering an outcome, executing a transaction – these all typically involve more than one step performed by more than one person over a span of time, and all require tracking and management. Neota’s process automation capability provides flexible tools with which very complex processes can be designed, delivered, and administered.

Document Automation

Not only does Neota automate expertise and processes but also documents of all kinds: memoranda on advice given and actions recommended and other outcomes of expertise automation; reports on the steps and status of processes; and business documents ranging from Non-Disclosure Agreements to merger financing agreements.

No-Code Development

Neota is designed for people who are not programmers – lawyers, accountants, consultants, and other subject matter experts can build applications in Neota.

Responsive Design

Neota provides tools that enable our customers to create application interfaces that are highly interactive and responsive to users’ purpose, profiles and inputs, tailored to the specific business context and problem, and visually pleasing and brand-consistent.

Third-Party Integrations

A core Neota Logic principle is that good solutions to challenging business problems often require multiple tools. Neota is, therefore, designed to integrate, and simplify the use of, third-party tools as data sources and repositories and as reasoning tools.

Data Management

Business operations are a flow of data over time – customers, employees, requests, facts, decisions, actions and more. Neota apps gather data by asking a person or querying a system, reason on the data by applying rules and other algorithms, and create new data – conclusions, recommendations, risk scores, documents, and so on.

Data Visualisation

The Neota platform also automates the ongoing maintenance of the SQL server database associated with each application. As all the data is in a standard SQL server database it can be visualised and analysed using tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Secure Cloud

Neota is a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). All elements of the platform are provided and managed by Neota Logic. Customers can request hosting at AWS or Microsoft Azure in any region where those services are available.

In order to understand the true power of Neota Logic, download our White Paper on the ‘Neota Logic Difference’.

[This is an advertising feature by Neota Logic.]