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Joining The Dots Between Point Solutions Leveraging The Latent Value of Your Data and Technology Investment

By Ben Stoneham, CEO and Founder, autologyx®

Recent predictions have set the value of the legal operations tech market at $3.6 billion by 2027. Thomson Reuters earlier this year highlighted that the number of patents filed in the sector has grown fourfold over the last five years and, judging by recent conferences, the excitement is building significantly around how technology could further deliver business efficiencies in legal.

This rapid expansion, however, means that proactive legal firms and departments have an ongoing challenge to track, understand and adopt new technology as it matures. It can be difficult for potential customers to understand the specific benefits of overlapping point solutions and sort the wheat from the chaff in relation to their unique operational and client service challenges.

But by far the biggest concern is that, as so many of these solutions are optimised to tackle very specific areas, business units struggle to connect solutions together into a single cohesive environment – something that is essential in order to identify on-going areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation in both client services and business management.

Consero has found that, for a third of legal operations professionals, the top priority this year is legal technology management – just ahead of cost management. Clearly, flexible options need to be progressed which can work hand in hand with established point solutions, helping legal operations professionals and others in their organisations to organise and connect their existing systems together in a coherent and functional way.

For those in the legal industry looking to connect their technology landscape and automate end-to-end processes a new solution is required, which is both flexible enough to work with existing embedded solutions and data sources, and well positioned to embrace future advances in legaltech. A solution that caters for non-linear and complex legal processes, and the multiple practice areas and client requirements (each with their own unique challenges) underpinning legal services.

This is why the autologyx® (ALX) Digital Operations Platform has been built from inception to be able to incorporate third party technologies into broader process automation and leverage the untapped value of data. autologyx® enables legal and business users to build flexible and adaptive data-driven workflows, incorporating best of breed third party capabilities to deliver innovative end-user solutions.

Driven by data and events, not linear workflows, autologyx® tracks every action in real-time, providing live data for insights, machine learning applications and complete auditability. By collecting domain-specific data as a by-product of user activity, customers can transform human-driven expertise into proprietary ML capabilities, all the while delivering ROI through the benefits of automation.

There are no limits to the ways you can leverage the platform: automated triage and allocation, document generation, real-time reporting against SLAs, embedding ML into process workflows, or even voice activated contract updates via Alexa. We provide the platform, you deliver the innovative services.

If you’d like to learn more about how the ALX Digital Operations Platform can take workflow optimisation and process management from point solution overload to delivering tangible efficiencies to legal team time and improved client satisfaction, drop us a line or you can join our webinar about putting machine learning to practical use on 25 July.

About the Author:

Ben Stoneham is CEO and founder of autologyx® and the creator of the ALX Digital Operations Platform for Legal. Boundlessly enthusiastic about the power of automation to enable businesses to innovate and disrupt, Ben is on a mission to automate the real world and all of its complexities.

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