LexisNexis To Host Japan’s First Legal Tech Hackathon

LexisNexis and LegalTechJapan.com are to hold Japan’s first legal tech hackathon on November 9-10, 2019 in Tokyo, and Artificial Lawyer will be there. Come along too if you can make it and be part of an historic moment.

The hackathon will be multi-lingual and it is free to take part.

The hackathon theme is Japan LawTech SOAR: Embracing Society 5.0. The organisers are providing a platform where individuals can come together to explore and create solutions to current problems in one or more of the following legal areas – (SOAR):

The hackathon is a call to action for individuals eager to learn how to leverage technology in law in Japan and are open to spending a weekend working in a multidisciplinary team. The organisers’ aim is to attract a mix of participants:

  • lawyers
  • legal professionals
  • technologists (i.e., programmers, back-end and front-end engineers, UI/UX designers, etc.)
  • students
  • other (project managers, government officials, translators, recruiters, media, marketing experts, etc.)

The hackathon will conclude with project presentations to a panel of judges, including Richard Tromans, Founder, Tromans Consulting, and Founder & Editor, Artificial Lawyer.

‘As one of the original global legal technology companies and with over 20 years of operations in Japan, LexisNexis believes it is our duty to take the lead on advancing legal tech in Japan,’ noted Futoshi Saito, North Asia Managing Director for LexisNexis.

He added: ‘Innovation is one of our core values, so it seems natural to us that we host this first of its kind event in Japan. We feel grateful that we have already been able to attract some strong partners. We look forward to attracting even more supporters over the course of the next several weeks.’

Maurice Rabb, Founder of LegalTechJapan.com and Marketing Advisor to LexisNexis, noted: ‘I’m very honoured to be working with LexisNexis on this historic event. I have been dreaming of hosting a legal tech hackathon for nearly two years. As an ex-practising lawyer in Japan, I see a lot of opportunity for using technology to provide more effective and efficient legal services to clients and to give the general public more access to legal knowledge and legal solutions.’

‘I believe there needs to be more 21st century lawyering in Japan. I hope that this hackathon can serve as a source of inspiration for a movement into a multidisciplinary approach to addressing legal innovation in Japan,’ he added.

For more information about Japan LawTech SOAR, visit www.japanlawtechsoar.com.

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