French Legal AI Pioneer Explores Knowledge Management

One of France’s leading legal AI companies, Predictice, which focuses on litigation prediction and analysis, is now also exploring the realm of Knowledge Management (KM), as it looks at leveraging its extensive NLP capabilities more widely.

The move follows an arrangement with top Luxembourg law firm Arendt, which also has representative offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York and Paris.

A group of about 20 lawyers from its international team of 325 legal professionals will now be working with Predictice to develop applications.

Artificial Lawyer asked Louise Grosgogeat, at Predictice, about the project.

Is this a new direction for Predictice? 

We see this as another step toward our goal: to make the search of legal information simpler for lawyers.

How are you partnering? 

Throughout the next year, our product team will work with the lawyers from Arendt to create new features. We already have planned several co-innovation workshops with Arendt.

Our goal here is to leverage the technology developed by Predictice to simplify the way the firm’s lawyers search and analyse legal information. 

We will focus on improving the relevance of our search engine and the usability of the analytical part of the product. We also plan to study the way lawyers deal with internal information, such as memos or legal opinions. 

What products are you developing? 

Our first goal is to improve the existing version of Predictice. We expect a lot of feedback from the 20 people selected (who are at different levels of seniority within the Arendt team.) It’s a precious resource.

Secondly, our product team detected that there is a huge pain point concerning knowledge management in top law firms. They all seem to wish for a single tool to access their internal documents, case law and academic articles.

It’s only prospective thoughts for now, but there is a possibility that our NLP technology, specifically trained on legal topics, could be of some use here. 

Good luck, sounds like a great project.

P.S. you’re not wrong on the bit about firms really wanting improved KM insights and better tools to achieve that goal. A system based on Predictice may be just what many Francophone lawyers in Europe need.