Kira Launches Developer Program To Boost Integration

Leading legal AI company, Kira Systems, has launched a Developer Program to allow partnered businesses and customers to improve software integration and build new legal data workflows.

The new Developer Program builds on Kira’s existing API platform and also offers one-stop access to technical documentation and support for developers.

The Toronto-based legal doc review pioneer said that within its new portal, developers can ‘learn, explore and manage access to Kira’s technology, and collaborate with Kira Systems to build meaningful integrated solutions at their own pace’.

In short, this is adding extra flexibility to the AI system, both in terms of building additional ways of collaborating and also creating new workflows that incorporate Kira’s NLP technology with other platforms and technology.

The move should help to address the growing trend toward platformisation. I.e. this is making a point solution far easier to integrate with other software and to combine with existing legal data flows inside a business.

Along with its many customers, such as law firms, Kira’s partners currently include, among others: Apttus, HighQ (which is now part of Thomson Reuters), Prosperoware, SeeUnity, and the ever-expanding Litera platform.

‘We built the Developer Program to improve the experience for developers who would like to integrate with Kira to analyze documents and uncover relevant information,’ said Steve Obenski, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder, at Kira.

Our customers use Kira together with software from many other companies, and this program will make it even easier for developers at those companies to develop integrations with Kira,’ he added.

You can find out more about the Portal and Developer Program, here.