LegalTech Tapas – Neota Logic – Product Overview With Jackson Liu

Welcome to the latest LegalTech Tapas podcast on Artificial Lawyer with Andrew Jardine. Today we speak to Jackson Liu, Neota Logic’s Global VP Markets & Growth.

In this podcast Andrew explores with Jackson what Neota Logic and no code/low code applications do. If you can’t listen just now, check out a partial transcript below. To play the podcast, click on the player. (Time: approx 14 mins.)

Episode transcript (What does Neota Logic do?)

On the show today we will be getting a taste for Neota Logic, a no-code automation tool that helps lawyers build their own legal apps. For those not familiar with the no-code automation term you may also have heard it referred to as an expert system.

At the highest level these are software tools that let users build new software applications (in this case legal focused apps) and you can do this without having to learn a technical programming language. As a result lawyers that have in-depth understanding of particular problems or subject matter areas, but that are not technically minded can still build software solutions to address particular problems.

As you might guess, Neota has a nice, simple user interface that lets you build applications, largely by dragging and dropping objects around the screen (which they refer to as a ‘canvas’). Although this is quite versatile and could be used to create a wide variety of different apps, in practice the two most common uses are for digital advice apps and document creation apps.

In case you were wondering what those apps actually are, I’ll give you some quick examples. An example of a digital advice app would be something like a data breach advisor app, where if a user in your business provides the relevant context of a recent breach to the app it can offer legal advice on the most appropriate immediate actions to take, as well as informing the required people in your business automatically. And document creation apps are as you’d expect, they allow non-legal users to request contracts without going to their legal team simply by entering the key required data. 

So other than creating apps does it do anything else?

Well ….Yes, behind the scenes Neota has a relational database that collects data entered via any of the apps you’ve built as well as from other sources linked via integrations. Now this may not sound super exciting to the average person, but because Neota is a no-code environment this means that users who traditionally would need technical support from a SQL developer to query a database are now able to find and access information themselves.

And if all this app development is still sounding a little daunting….well Neota has you covered with an existing app template library, so rather than having to build from scratch, you can start with an existing template and just tweak it from there as you need. 

Episode transcript (Who should use Neota Logic?)

We’ve heard a few examples of how you can use Neota, but who should be using it? And why?

As I see it, the principle benefit of Neota Logic is that it enables non-technical [people] to build apps they otherwise wouldn’t, immortalising their expertise in a tool so it can be utilised at scale and even continue to be used if that [person] later leaves the organisation.

And in today’s business environment with its never ending quest for greater efficiency Neota offers an opportunity to use technology to address very company specific problems, ones that larger software vendors might not be interested in addressing because they are too niche and wouldn’t necessarily be a scalable business for them.

So if you have a complex or unique business where your legal processes are just stored in your employees heads, Neota might be something worth considering. 

About Neota Logic: 

Neota Logic provides no-code software for automating legal and other professional service delivery. Neota Logic’s platform allows clients to rapidly automate their professional expertise, helping to improve the quality of legal and business decisions while reducing risks and costs. For more information, visit

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