Global Legal Hackathon 2020 Launches, Will Include Inclusivity Challenge

The Global Legal Hackathon is launching again – now for the third time. The event, which will take place March 6-8 in more than 50 cities across 25 countries around the world, is believed to be the largest legal hackathon and could well be one of the largest hackathons of any type ever.

And, as you’d expect there will be multiple sites taking part across the US and in the UK, along with a host of other nations, from Brazil, to China, to South Africa, and more.

The team-based, creative project, which is the brainchild of Integra Ledger founder, David Fisher, in some cases leads to the birth of new companies as a result. That said, creating a real, live company is not the goal. Nor is working only with one type of technology. The idea is to get people together to see if they can build – at least a working model – of a software based legal product.

For some it may be a chance to test out an idea they’ve had for some time, but could not get their firm to try, for others it will be perhaps the first time they’ve ever worked together in a team on a legal tech project. It’s all about having a go and seeing what happens.

There will be winners as such, but for Artificial Lawyer that’s not really the goal. Winning is nice, but for once it really is the taking part that matters most of all.

Also this year there will be a special collaboration with She Breaks the Law, RSG Consulting, and global law firm BCLP to launch a GLH Inclusivity Challenge.

The GLH Inclusivity Challenge has been created to coincide with International Women’s Day and hopes to inspire hackathon teams to develop new solutions to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in the world’s legal industry.

At the conclusion of the GLH weekend, a local winner of the GLH Inclusivity Challenge will be selected by each city and will progress to a global semi-final. Finalists will be invited to the GLH Finals & Gala, to be held in London in mid-May.

The winner of the GLH Inclusivity Challenge will be invited to present its solution during a diversity and inclusion summit that BCLP is planning to host in September, where leading figures from the industry will be asked to commit to ensuring the idea is brought to life and scaled up to deliver a lasting impact on the legal industry as a whole.

Lisa Mayhew, Co-Chair of BCLP, said: ‘We want to challenge everyone in the legal industry – including clients, other law firms and suppliers – to join us in participating in finding ways to increase equity, diversity and inclusion in our sector.’

About #GLH2020

There is no cost to participate in the Global Legal Hackathon or the GLH Inclusivity Challenge.

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