Clio Launches Covid-19 Legal Relief Fund

Clio, the legal tech operations platform aimed mainly at small to medium size law firms, is launching a $1m COVID-19 Legal Relief Initiative, open to ‘the entire legal industry’. This fund is ‘designed to help create business continuity and peace of mind for you and your law firm,’ the company said. Its main output, it appears, is to help firms when it comes to tech adoption.

Naturally, that $1m is not primarily aimed at helping the world’s largest global firms. But for smaller, Main Street firms, this could be of use. It’s the latest in a series of moves by tech companies to do something supportive during the crisis.

‘If you are a law firm or legal organisation struggling to maintain business continuity, need additional support moving to the cloud, or if you’re a non-profit or charity providing mental health support to legal professionals during this time, you may qualify for direct financial support,’ the company explained.

A video below from Jack Newton, CEO of Clio, explains what this is all about.

Whether it’s getting financial assistance for legal technology, or ensuring you have the resources and on-boarding support you need, we are here to help you navigate the challenges ahead,’ the company added in a statement.

Smaller firms are likely to be harder hit than many larger commercial firms, as day to day activities such as house sales and business expansion advice grind to a halt. Even things like divorce will no doubt slow because of the impracticalities of trying to do so when courts are closing.