New Juro eBook: ‘Legal for Scaleups’ – Feat. Monzo, TransferWise, Intercom +

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It takes a particular mindset to join a high-growth tech scaleup as the first lawyer. In-house counsel are often hired later than would be ideal, joining disruptive businesses that have unavoidably accrued some legal risk through the regimented chaos that comes with rapid growth. 

So what’s it like walking into a company like Intercom, TransferWise, Monzo or Onfido as the first lawyer? What are the key challenges you face, and what should your priorities be in addressing those legal risks, as well as building out your team and function? What can the experiences at those companies teach us about how legal can truly enable growth?

To find out, we asked them. In this 53-page eBook you’ll find battle-hardened scaleup GCs, CLOs and Heads of Legal covering topics like:

  • Your first 90 days
  • Building your team
  • Creating an MVP contracting process
  • Enabling your commercial team
  • Working with founders
  • Your first funding round
  • Getting privacy right
  • Embedding an operations mindset
  • Legal technology
  • Entering new jurisdictions

… and many more. It features contributors who oversaw legal functions that scaled alongside companies achieving billion-dollar valuations and relentless revenue growth. It also features Wilson Sonsini’s London managing partner, Daniel Glazer, sharing his insights on what scaleups need to know if they intend to expand to the most lucrative market of all – the US.

I’m thrilled to be able to share this eBook with you, and grateful to our contributors for the honest insights they were happy to share with us. Building legal from the ground up at a tech scaleup is likely to be a task as rewarding as it is chaotic – these quotes from the book should give you an idea: 

‘From day one, you need to be looking at the big picture. It’s easy to start out at a scaleup reactively, and end up stuck in survival mode.’ – Jenifer Swallow, Director, UK LawTech Delivery Panel (formerly GC, TransferWise)

‘I had a perfect plan written out, detailing what the first 100 days would look like – and then I tore it up on my first day.’ – Henry Bennet, GC, Babylon Health

‘I wanted to ensure that legal was the grease for the machine, rather than the grit, and that was my biggest priority as the first legal hire in a scaleup.’ Ahmed Badr, GC, GoCardless            

“If your company has an expectation of universal transparency, there’s no reason (nor excuse) for legal to be any different.’ – Sophie Salisbury, Head of Legal, Appear Here               

‘Having someone ask you where the standard NDA is once a week is a great example of a problem you should solve once and never again, rather than constantly answering the same question.’ – James Sullivan, Head of Legal & Company Secretary (VP), Monzo

‘The beauty of working at a scaleup is that the world is your oyster; any business issue that intersects with the legal department is something you can dive into, and the business will often encourage you to get involved wherever possible.’ – Adam Glick, Head of Legal, Intercom

Adapting to the unique challenge of a scaleup isn’t easy but it’s always fascinating – let this book, and our team of experts, guide you through it.

Richard Mabey, CEO and co-founder, Juro.

Download ‘Legal for scaleups: create, build and scale a world-class legal function,’ for free HERE.

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