Legal Innovators Online – A Real Conference, Just Digital

On each afternoon of May 19, 20 and 21 the Legal Innovators Online Conference will take place. Here are some of the key things you should know.

A Real Conference, Just Digital

The goal of Legal Innovators Online is to be as close to a real, in-person conference as possible while operating in a digital setting. Here are some of the main aspects that will make this a special event.

Virtual Exhibitor Hall

There will be a virtual exhibitor hall that is open throughout the three days of the event. Attendees can visit the tech companies and service providers there, engage with their representatives, and gain useful information about their products and services.

You Really Can Network

The platform we are using has some great capabilities and allows attendees to say hello to each other and chat, as well as enabling Q&A questions to the speakers. This will mean that you can actually do some networking while at Legal Innovators Online. And we will make sure there is time before the main event starts and during the break in the middle so that you have the opportunity to say hello to people who are also attending.

Great Speakers, Serious Discussion

As you would expect, we have gathered together some really excellent speakers at the top of their game (see below), from GCs at major companies to Heads of Innovation at the world’s largest firms, from the US and UK.

Each afternoon (BST) there will be two panels (see details below) and a standalone presentation, which for some sessions will be a case study of how tech has been successfully implemented, using real world examples.

Each day also will have a different overall theme – (also see below).

Myself, Artificial Lawyer’s Founder, will be chairing the event as a whole and also each of the panels. As with other Legal Innovators events, there will be no ‘A says, B says, C says’ routines. These will be in-depth discussions that seek to explore the hard questions about technology, innovation, and the realities of adoption and meaningful implementation.

Audience Interaction

The audience, from what we have seen so far, is equally impressive, and we really want to give time for people to ask their questions. So every panel will have plenty of time given for Q&A. We really want to hear your questions!

Sounds Good! Where Do I Get A Ticket?

If you haven’t bought a ticket yet then please check out the tickets page here. Your pass gives you access to all areas of the conference, across all three days. You will also be able to watch the previous days’ sessions after they have finished.

Through LinkedIn we’ve already had over 600 people register that they would like to attend. The Cosmonauts team, who as always are doing their usual great job in organising things, will be reaching out to many of you. But, if you’d prefer to get your tickets now, then as noted, you can get them here.

Last thing, we are also offering specially priced group tickets for law firms and other legal organisations that would like to buy up to 15 tickets, or more. This is an opportunity to provide some valuable online training for your staff and allows your colleagues to learn more about legal innovation while they are currently working from home. Please go to the main ticket site, or get in contact, if group tickets are of interest.

Further Information:

Some of Our Great Speakers:

And there will be more announced soon!

Agenda – All times are BST (UK)

Day One – Focus on Inhouse Teams

15:35 – 16:20 – Panel: Building the Practical Foundations For Real Change in Your Inhouse Legal Team – looking at how to make use of billing data, analysis of dispute costs/factors, contract automation, and improving workflows to drive real change at a foundational level. And, fundamentally, data and how best to leverage this will be central to this discussion. 

17:15 – 18:00 – Panel: Culture First – Discussing the Challenges of Inhouse Innovation and developing the right culture, hiring the right people, and working with the right external advisers. How do you know what’s the best thing to do to create a positive environment for change?

Day Two – Focus on Tech Teams and New Models For Legal Services

15:35 – 16:20 – Panel: Tech Teams and More Than Law – a look at the law firms and ALSPs that have built their own tech development teams, the why, the how, and what they have achieved. 

17:15 – 18:00 – Panel: Building in Efficiency – How legal providers, including ALSPs, have developed strategies to drive efficiency in the legal work they do for clients, such as legal process teams, as well by providing consulting services around technology, innovation and legal ops. We look at what has been done so far, how such offerings work, and what they have achieved for providers and their clients.

Day Three – The Road Ahead, For Legal Tech and the Legal Sector

15:35 – 16:20 – Panel: Automation and Reality – Many leading law firms have embedded the use of AI tools, no code workflow tools, and advanced KM and legal research systems. But how far has it all come in terms of actual use? What really has been automated? How has this helped? What benefits has it achieved so far? And where is it heading next?

17:15 – 18:00 – Panel: The Next New Normal? – Some are predicting that the legal world will be changed forever by the ongoing lockdown, with a surge toward digitization, in part brought about by the necessity of remote working. But, how much will really change? And is this just a continuation of a journey we started some time ago? Will the legal world really witness another ‘New Normal’, or will things revert to how they were before? We explore these questions and consider the future of legal services in our rapidly changing world.


A big thank you to the growing group of sponsors who are taking part and exhibiting at the Legal Innovators Online Conference. More will be announced soon. And, a very special thank you to Neota Logic, Everlaw, ContractPodAi, RubyDatum and PwC.

I hope you can join us for what we believe will be as close to a real in-person conference as you can get while still operating digitally, with great speakers, serious discussions that go in-depth, excellent presenters, and the chance to network, meet vendors in the virtual exhibitor hall, and ask plenty of questions.

Look forward to seeing you all on May 19, 20 and 21!

Richard Tromans, Conference Chair and Founder, Artificial Lawyer