Contractbook Launches Gmail Contract Importer

Contractbook, the document creation and management platform, has launched a Gmail importer that extracts contracts from your Gmail account and uploads them into an organised overview inside their system.

The Gmail Importer is the first major new update to the platform since Google’s investment fund, Gradient Ventures, invested in Contractbook in November 2019 – see article.

‘While digital signature tools are common, many companies still don’t have an organised overview of their legal documents. They keep their contracts in email threads or spread across different platforms. With this new feature, they can extract their entire legacy with a few clicks and have them indexed in seconds. Such a feature will not only reduce manual work, but it will also mitigate the banal and yet common legal risk of not knowing where your contracts are,’ explained Contractbook’s CEO, Niels Martin Brochner.

Artificial Lawyer asked the Denmark-based team to explain some more about how it works:

‘You choose the domains you want to import from and then it fetches the signed documents to an overview where you can select/unselect which documents you want to upload.’ 

Screenshot showing the process of choosing which discovered contracts to upload.

‘It only extracts signed documents, so that is how to check if it is the final version. And it’s double-checked by searching for domains from other digital signature services such as DocuSign, Hellosign, and Concord.’ 

But, why is this useful? The company added:

Clients get contracts from their lawyers, but they don’t get an archive. That means it’s harder for them to fulfil their obligations and assess their risks – and it’s also harder for the lawyers to help their clients.

‘Just to give you an example: In these pandemic times, many companies try to find force majeure clauses and other loopholes to get out of contracts. How are they going to do that, and how will lawyers help them do that if they haven’t got an organised view of their contracts. The Gmail importer will help clients to create such an organised view, once and for all, which will save lawyers from tedious manual work.’ 

So, there you go. Of course, you’ll need to be using Gmail.