Wolters Kluwer Partners With Della AI For Contract Insight

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory has launched a partnership with Della, an AI contract analytics software company for corporate legal departments and law firms. For now the partnership is focused on France. The NLP and deep learning capability will be used to deliver more rapid insights into contracts.

With an API integration between Legisway, Wolters Kluwer’s legal management solution for legal departments, and Della’s AI technology, lawyers can ‘seamlessly leverage AI and deep learning capabilities to automate contract indexing, and streamline and simplify their tasks by resolving critical pain points in the contract management lifecycle‘ the companies said.

In the past we have seen Thomson Reuters’ Legal Managed Services arm link with legal AI doc review tools – but then it sold that unit to EY Law, which has continued to use NLP tools as well. And we have seen Knowable, which is developing its own NLP-driven doc analysis tools, form a JV with rival legal publisher LexisNexis.

(For more about the London-based legal AI company see Artificial Lawyer’s feature on Della AI here.)

Christophe Frèrebeau (pictured above), CEO of Della, said: ‘We are delighted to partner with Wolters Kluwer.

‘Bringing the power of our AI directly into the Legisway platform is a great way to help legal professionals and introduce them to the potential of AI, freeing them from the tedious process of entering contracts into a CLM, reducing errors and leading to efficiency gains, thus enabling better quality work.’

Speaking to Artificial Lawyer about how it felt to forge this partnership, he added: ‘I feel very proud of all the work the team did to win this partnership. Our multilingual abilities and our capacity to scale and adapt our models very quickly was a key factor for Wolters Kluwer. It feels great!”

Jesus Diaz, General Manager of  Wolters Kluwer’s Legal Software unit in France, said: ‘Knowing where to quickly locate what is important in a contract is a major challenge for lawyers; they are looking for dedicated solutions that can help them in making the right decisions more quickly whilst controlling their contractual risks.

Using Legisway and Della together to automate contract review can streamline legal departments’ workflow across the contract management lifecycle thereby significantly increasing legal professionals’ productivity.

‘We chose to partner with Della  because they have developed the most advanced technology on the market, and also the most flexible and scalable one: the application perspectives for our legal software solutions to improve the productivity and performance of legal professionals are enormous.’

According to Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory’s 2020 Future Ready Lawyer Report, 82% of legal departments expect greater use of technology to improve their productivity in the next three years.

So, this all sounds very exciting – and sees another of the world’s largest legal publishers and legal tech developers formally linking to a legal AI doc review and analysis company.

Such a move only widens the potential uptake of such technology, in this case, in France. France is no stranger to NLP-driven legal tech companies, but this is clearly a significant step forward there.

But, what does Della provide? The company said:

  • Deep learning on the front line: Della’s AI technology uses the latest progress in deep learning to analyze the meaning of contracts, allowing to get instant analysis of the inherent risks and obligations.
  • Augmented Intelligence: Della’s technology was designed to make corporate legal departments more efficient. The AI technology is there to suggest and bring to attention the relevant contract points, allowing a massive productivity increase. This gives Legisway the ability to adapt and configure Della’s technology for their clients’ needs.
  • A multilingual solution: Currently, the Della solution identifies English and French data in contracts, additional languages to be added in the future.

Interesting times as the battle to be the key players in complex process work at scale heats up.