Artificial Lawyer TV – ‘Are US Law Firms Really Innovating?’

Welcome to Artificial Lawyer TV, a new channel for interviews, product walk-throughs and features.

Over the coming weeks and months you will see an increasing range of AL TV output, all watchable within the Artificial Lawyer site, and as you would expect this channel will be focused on the intersection of technology and the business of law.

So, let’s begin.

Today’s ‘On The Spot’ interview is with Ryan McClead, Principal & CEO, Sente Advisors LLC. Prior to setting up the legal tech consultancy, Ryan was SVP at Neota Logic, and also worked on global innovation initiatives at Norton Rose Fulbright. In short, he knows a thing or two about tech and what law firms are doing with it.

Which is why AL TV has asked him to answer this key question: ‘Are US law firms really innovating?’

AL TV Productions, July 2020.

In this video, which can be watched inside the AL site – just press play – we cover some key questions that are all connected to the main theme: ‘Are US law firms really innovating?’

We cover:

  • Innovation as ‘a better experience’.
  • Is there substantive change in how work is made?
  • Change by firm, or by practice area?
  • Evolution vs revolution.
  • Partner resistance to change.
  • Tech development groups – can they drive change inside firms?
  • Special bonus – ‘Caught in the Middle’ – the tricky position tech professionals in law firms find themselves in.

It’s about 36 minutes in total.

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