Contractbook + University of Copenhagen Launch Legal Tech Academy

Contractbook and the University of Copenhagen launch a Legal Tech Academy to prepare young lawyers for the future 

The University of Copenhagen, leading Nordic legal tech company Contractbook, and Think Legal Tech, have joined forces to launch a Legal Tech Academy for young and future lawyers.

The trio have invited some of the leading experts and thought leaders on legal tech and innovation to discuss the legal industry of the future. The goal is to educate law students and newly graduated lawyers, and to prepare them for what lies ahead. 

The market that young lawyers and law students educate themselves for today will not be there tomorrow. New technologies, increased consumer power and tightened global competition are just some of the factors that are forcing the legal industry to renew itself. We are launching this Legal Tech Academy to help young lawyers to get ready for this digital transformation and to ensure that they acquire some of the right qualifications,’ said Niels Martin Brøchner, CEO and founder of Contractbook. 

The collaboration begins with two digital seminars on August 26 and September 9, but the group aims for the Legal Tech Academy to be a reoccurring event. 

The first event will focus on what qualifications young and future lawyers will need to make it in the legal market, and what they can do to prepare themselves for a more digital work environment.

They have invited scholars and experts from Bucerius Law School, Contractbook and Vanderbilt University for a panel discussion. After the event, all conclusions will be gathered into a written publication with research material that all participants will receive. 

The second event will take a closer look at the digital transformation of the legal market and how emerging technologies will re-shape legal services. They have invited futurists with expert knowledge on legal tech and legal design to help create an image of what the future legal market will look like. 

‘We will invite people from academia, the legal industry and the tech industry for a joint discussion about what skills future lawyers need. You must have a fundamental understanding of business and basic tech literacy. As a university we have a responsibility to prepare the students for that,’ said Alexandra Andhov, who is an assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Law. She specialises in corporate law and technology, and has worked with startups and legal tech companies since 2016. 

The events are free, in English, and open for anyone who is interested. All you have to do is register for the event at this website.  

When looking to the future, Alexandra and Niels share the vision that the vital skillset of young lawyers will expand. Law students and young lawyers need to embrace technology as well as business savviness.

They need to gain additional tech skills in the areas of digital communication and collaboration, as well as computer and data science, while understanding the business and vision of their clients. New roles and positions in the legal industry will emerge and the Legal Tech Academy is created to make the next generations ready for it.

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