Prediction Startup Solomonic Links With Therium Litigation Funder

Major litigation funder Therium Capital Management and dispute outcome prediction startup, Solomonic, have teamed up to ‘advance the application of litigation analytics to litigation funding‘ – in what is the fourth such instance Artificial Lawyer has seen for this type of deal.

For example, CourtQuant did this twice last year with different funds. And even as far back as 2017, Metonymy Labs did a deal using a different predictive approach with Fulbrook in New York – although the relationship didn’t go quite as planned.

Through this new partnership, Therium will draw on Solomonic’s litigation data and intelligence to add to their own analysis of potential cases. In turn, Therium will work closely with the Solomonic team to provide user insight and input into future product development.

Therium’s CV.

Therium Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Neil Purslow, said: ‘We are always looking at ways to innovate our approach to investments and thanks to Solomonic, strong historic case data is now available to underpin our investment decisions when assessing claims that require funding. We look forward to exploring how big data and AI can add value to how we undertake due diligence and value our claims, in partnership with the leading UK player in this exciting new field.’

Solomonic Managing Director, Edward Bird, noted: ‘We are delighted to be collaborating with a market leader and such an innovative organisation when it comes to litigation funding. Our team are looking forward to working with Therium to create significant added value for their business.’