Keep.Id App For Homeless People – Product Walk-Through

AL TV Product Walk-Through

Today’s product walk-through is a little different, it’s an Access to Social Justice (A2SJ) application, created by a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania, that helps homeless people with an often overlooked, but critical, issue: their identification documents.

While most people who live regular lives have plenty of documents squirrelled away in a drawer somewhere, such as a passport, insurance details, and medical information, many homeless people don’t have that luxury.

When you live on the street, documents can get lost, damaged or stolen. But that then leaves this person without access to many services, or a way to legally claim their rights, because, to put it simply: they can’t prove who they are.

You could call this an Access to Social Justice application, as it connects to the legal world, but it is also part of a bigger picture around protecting the rights of marginalised people so they can still function in a data- and ID-driven society.

So, without further ado, here is Jackson Foltz, a student and part of the Pennsylvania team, that created Keep.ID. In this AL TV Product Walk- Through he explains how it started, how the app works, why it’s so important, and what happens next.

Press ‘Play’ to watch inside this page. (Approx. 13 mins.)

Overall, this is a great example of a practical tool that can really help people, and with the current crisis causing a spike in homelessness it’s perhaps needed now more than ever before.

Well done to all the students. Plus, special shout out to the team’s Chief Legal Officer, John Beak. And, to see the full team, check out this link here.