‘Why Is A DMS Like A Record Shop?’ – iManage RAVN GM, Nick Thomson

‘Why is a Document Management System (DMS) like a record shop?’ That is the question. And it’s a question that iManage RAVN’s General Manager, Nick Thomson, explores here in just under nine minutes.

In this AL TV ‘On the Spot’ interview, which is now at the new and super user-friendly time of just 8.40 minutes, Nick covers a range of aspects related to Knowledge Management (KM), covering the use of NLP to get more granular insights into documents, three-dimensional data mapping, and using machine learning to build DMS user profiles, and more.

In fact, the more he explains the company’s approach, the more you appreciate just how much goes into making a KM system work as you’d want it to. Enjoy.

Press ‘Play’ to watch/listen inside the AL page – AL TV Productions, Aug 2020

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